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Birdsong shares sound New Year’s advice from Koffee Klutchers clubbers

Life on the Farm Side
Life on the Farm Side: Wisdoms and observations shared at the latest Koffee Klutchers Club, according to Birdsong.

  • You probably saw all those “crazies” on TV fighting over proclaimed Happy Holiday bargains in megastores — clear evidence of human brains “devoluting,” not “evoluting” to a higher intelligence.
  • After Christmas, we tripped into the big city to see some sights. My GPS kept flashing “animal crossing ahead.” Based on all the people and all that they were carrying in the crosswalks, it had it right.
  • Koffee Klutchers Club kicked back into gear the other day, and Preacher had good New Year’s advice for all: “Move on, and quit-cher-bitchin.”
  • “Enjoy the new year as if it were your last,” added Phil Osifer. “It might be.”
  • That led to Barn Bette asking I.R. Bucksnot: “How’d deer camp go?”
    “Spent lotsa bucks, but didn’t bring any home,” he grumbled.
    “Meat or money?” she wondered.
    “Yup,” he replied.
  • Sometimes we need to take care of ailing family members or friends. Think of it positively — like updating your animal science skills.
  • If you use a log chain more than jumper cables, you're definitely a farmer.
  • If you hold weddings, meetings or other events in your barn, you’re an opportunist.

Birdsong is a pen name for a Farm Progress editor.

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