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What’s New From the Shows: New products that just might fit in your shop.

December 15, 2018

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By Farm Progress staff

Everyone needs a good farm shop suited to one’s needs. What those needs are varies from farm to farm. However, almost all farm shops have two things in common. They provide storage for parts and items which aren’t used every day, and they have a place for welders so you can make repairs on machinery and infrastructure around the farm.

If you’ve got a product which provides storage, or a welder or welding-related product, nearly everyone who has a farm is a potential customer. Two new products which Farm Progress editors found at recent farm shows fit into either the storage or welding category.

NDY Manufacturing introduces a new heavy-duty storage rack system. Sometimes storage is upstairs in a loft — sometimes it is down one side of a wall. You need flexibility and storage racks that allow you to be to change configurations when necessary. If you’re building a new shop from scratch — or revamping an existing shop — and one goal is to provide as much storage as possible, this product could become part of your solution.

A modern farm shop isn’t usually considered complete unless it includes a welder. The type may vary upon your skills and needs. Lincoln Electric Co. brings a new MIG welder onto the market for you to check out. See if it has features that might fit what you’re looking for in a dependable welder.

Contact information is provided for these companies. Both companies plus many others also offer existing products in their lineups which could fill a gap or meet a need as you build a new farm shop or remodel an existing shop.

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