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Feeling the crunch of projects, prep work

Delays in getting quotes and parts are taking a toll as planting time nears.

We’ve become accustomed to having to wait for parts and supplies to arrive. Unfortunately, that is just the way of industry in this era. But this year, it is taking days or weeks to even receive parts lists and quotes. Then it takes more valuable time to find availability of the products. These delays are beginning to take a toll.

Two years ago, we were doing drainage work in February and March. Not so this year.  A couple weeks ago, we were encompassed by a 100-year rainfall event which set new records for flood stages in local rivers. We followed up last week with another inch or so just as things were drying out. Water remains in low areas as cleanup continues.

However, we could be as close as a couple of weeks from actual fieldwork. The pressure is on to get the equipment through the shop. Periodic maintenance hasn’t been the issue. We only have a couple tractors left to service, along with the corn planter. Other than that we are in good shape.

No more projects…?

The issue is the projects. Every year, we say ‘NO MORE PROJECTS’ and every year we succumb to more projects.

Driven by fertilizer cost savings and placement efficiency, this year the big project has been adding a dry fertilizer box to the strip till toolbar. Admittedly we got on this a bit late. As most projects it has grown in complexity: Tires/Wheels that meet our compaction expectations, rate and section control for the fertilizer drives, custom hitch to allow the dry box to hook with the toolbar, sourcing the desired products at reasonable prices. Not to mention receiving all the components at varying times. We are beginning to wonder if we have enough time to pull this project off.

Determining the final fertilizer mix is also on the agenda for today -- with only a few delays maybe that will be done by the end of next week! LOL!

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