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Midwest Dairy promotes ‘moon milk’ on U-M campus

Photos by Midwest Dairy students lined up at Midwest Dairy's Moo Lab
MOO AND GOLD: Students at the University of Minnesota lined up in front of the Weisman Art Museum, where Midwest Dairy’s Moo Lab baristas served up free “moon milk,” with names like Moo & Gold, Udder Darkness and Red Velvet Moo-shine.
This latest marketing strategy focuses on milk as a before-bed beverage to de-stress and promote relaxation.

Moooove over, millennials.

Dairy marketers are turning their attention to the next crop of consumers, Gen Z. While fluid milk consumption is down overall, those 19 and younger are leaving milk consumption at the highest rate.

To appeal to the tastes of this generation, the oldest of whom are in college, Midwest Dairy is milking a new trend — “moon milk.”

Midwest Dairy

MOON MILK ART: Midwest Dairy’s professional baristas served stylish moon milk. Students were invited to further embellish their beverages with various props, such as dried flowers and succulents.

The warm, frothy milk-based beverage recently was described by Health magazine as “a trendy new insomnia-fighter … popping up all over social media, often in colorful hues.” In fact, Grandma’s warm-milk-before-bedtime tradition is getting reinvented with swirls, sprinkles and spritzes of functional ingredients, like activated charcoal, turmeric, ginger and dark chocolate.

Midwest Dairy, in partnership with the University of Minnesota Gopher Dairy Club, debuted its “Moo Lab” Oct. 22-23 on the Minneapolis campus, serving several variations of the beverage to students for free.

According to Alexandra Larson, a registered dietitian with Midwest Dairy, the moon milk application creates a unique opportunity to engage with Gen Z and demonstrate how dairy fits their lifestyle — and perhaps even helps them de-stress.

Midwest Dairy

CREATURE COMFORTS: Gopher Dairy Club members Jake Siewert and Amber Cafferty shared their passion for dairy with their peers, dressing in cow costumes and doling out free hugs to support the “de-stress with dairy” message.

Larson explains that milk contains the amino acid tryptophan — often associated with turkey — as well as melatonin, which promotes relaxation.

“Milk is like a natural sleep aid that also supplies a boost of nutrition, including 8 grams of high-quality protein, in one serving,” she says.

Midwest Dairy’s Moo Lab baristas, flanked by cow mascots from Gopher Dairy Club and promoted with the #CupsofComfort Instagram campaign, created some dreamy results. More than 700 cups of moon milk were served to students over the two five-hour serving periods, showing signs that milk has a place in Gen Z’s shopping cart. Kemps generously donated milk for the event, Larson adds.

The Moo Lab’s next stop: Iowa State University, Nov. 5-6. Follow @midwestdairy on Instagram for more information.

Source: Midwest Dairy


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