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SEED SHOPPING: Don’t finalize your seed purchases for 2022 without shopping around first.
The annual list of top corn and soybean varieties keeps growing.

You deserve options when it comes to shopping for corn and soybeans.

Some varieties might work better on your farm than others, so it’s important to do the research before you pick something for next year.

American Agriculturist asked top seed companies for their “top 5” corn and soybean varieties for 2022. These are varieties geared to Northeast and mid-Atlantic farmers.

Below is a list of companies that have responded to our request for top hybrids. We’ll be updating the list as more companies reveal their top choices.

For readability, RIB stands for refuge in bag, and RM stands for relative maturity.

If you have any questions on a variety, contact your local seed dealer or email American Agriculturist at



NK9175. This hybrid offers exceptional top-end yield across a broad range of acres. It excels as both a grain or silage hybrid, and has excellent disease and drought tolerance.

NK9653. Consistent yield potential with improved agronomic and grain quality, and excellent adaptation to poorly drained and variable soils.

NK9991. High yield potential with improved plant health, root and stalk strength. Excellent adaptation to medium- to high-yield environments.

NK1082. Broadly adapted hybrid with excellent drought tolerance. Moderate plant stature and top-end yield potential make this a great grain option in all yield environments.

E107C1. A new Enogen feed hybrid for 2022, this one offers outstanding tonnage and quality, and is well-adapted for continuous corn rotations.

Mid-Atlantic Seeds

MA8042 (104RM). A top-end early-season grain hybrid that has excellent emergence and early-season plant vigor. It has strong drought tolerance with good stay-green and plant intactness.

MA8110 (111RM). Excellent top-end yields with excellent test weight. A dual-purpose hybrid with good drought tolerance. It has very good foliar disease resistance.

MA8136 (113RM). A highly attractive plant with excellent ear development and stress tolerance. It will provide top-end yields over moderate to high-yield environments. This is a strong dual-purpose hybrid with very good stay-green.

MA5103 (110RM). A strong silage hybrid with excellent digestibility, excellent root strength and plant health with very good emergence. It has very good ear development with deep kernels and semi-flexed ear.

MA5144 (114RM). An elite silage hybrid with exceptional yields and digestibility. It has excellent stalks and roots with strong defensive characteristics. It also has top-end ear flex with excellent stay-green for optimum harvest window.


Axis (New York and New England)

1802E (1.8RM). An Enlist E3 variety with excellent emergence and stress tolerance. The lateral branches support yield with a solid disease package, including the Phytophthora Rps 3a gene.

2012E (2.0RM). An Enlist E3 variety that has great stress tolerance with a good disease package, including white mold for New York, and has the Phytophthora Rps 1k gene.

2402ES (2.4RM). An Enlist E3 that has high yield potential and excellent stress tolerance, 2402ES has brown stem rot resistance and includes the Phytophthora Rps 1k gene.

Mid-Atlantic Seeds

MAS2921 (2.9RM). This Enlist E3 has tremendous yield potential, excellent adaptability moving north and south, and strong defensive characteristics.

MAS3021 (3.0RM). An Enlist E3 that has excellent Southern movement. This high-yielding soybean has very good standability scores and is productive across all acreage.

MAS3521 (3.5RM). This Enlist E3 is an elite soybean variety with excellent agronomics and defensive characteristics. It features very good emergence and early plant vigor, and a new level of top-end yield potential.

MAS3721 (3.7RM). This Enlist E3 STS variety is an adaptable soybean that features strong yields in moderate- to high-yielding environments. It has a nice defensive package with strong SDS tolerance, strong emergence and early plant vigor.

MAS4721 (4.7RM). Another Enlist E3 STS variety that has good soil adaptability, excellent double-crop yield potential and strong defensive characteristics with good disease tolerance.

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