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Deeper look at trait website

#TraitAnswers is an interesting way to provide information to farmers. Video demonstration shows key features.

Farmers have questions about the seed they plant, or other issues regarding inputs and production. Taking on those questions, and answering them in a timely fashion, isn't always easy. Monsanto fired up in 2016 and it has been expanding content ever since.

The site has so far received more than 27,000 visits and more than 40 key questions and video responses have been posted. And more are being added regularly. Farmers can pose questions to the site by posting to Twitter using the hashtag #TraitAnswers.

For a better look at the site, Sean Evans, technology development manager, corn traits, Genuity offered a live demo and recorded the session. In the video, we dig into what's on the site, and how it works. Check out the video for a working demonstration of the site:

Evans also talked about other tools available including these tools:

The Corn Calculator allows farmers to compare the value of different Monsanto traits to bring to their field versus competitive trials. Check out the feature online.

The Corn Trait Comparison Tool allows you to select the insect pressure you are dealing with and compare features with key competitors in the market. Learn more about this selection tool.

The Rootworm Manager app allows farmers to know the current risk for this pest and offer steps for best results. Find out about the app.

And there's the site where farmers can track the migration of crop-damaging pests. From corn earworm to black cutworm, from soybean aphid to western bean cutworm, this site helps track seasonal progress.

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