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XS, Inc., sells its chemical exchange business

XS, Inc., sells its chemical exchange business

XS, Inc., announced recently that it has completed the sale of its chemical exchange business to Farmtrader, LLC, an entity comprised of former employees who have been associated with the business for the last 12 years.

The transaction closed on Jan. 4, 2013, for an undisclosed sum. Neither XS, Inc., employees nor shareholders retain any ownership or connection with the business unit with the closing of the sale.

"While the XSAg business has continued to grow since first introduced in 1999, the strategic direction of XS, Inc., the previous parent company of the exchange, has taken a different direction," stated Fulton Breen, CEO of XS, Inc.

XS, Inc., began to expand into the data management, analytics and business application development market in 2001 and has grown to become the largest manager of agricultural point of sale data in the industry.

"We have a team of about 80 people of which four were associated with," explained Breen. "Our focus has moved completely into data management."

"Under its new ownership, the business will continue to receive the attention and support to which our clients are accustomed," explained Jeff Stow, president of Farmtrader, LLC. " and its patented technology will provide growers and dealers an Internet alternative to buying crop protection chemicals much like Amazon has in the retail arena.

"Besides being the premiere crop protection e-commerce trading business, it also has enormous capabilities beyond trading.

"In addition to the nearly 100,000 registered users and a data base of over one million dealers and growers, the business offers a patented commerce system that manages the complexities of financial settlement, freight, logistics and regulatory compliance as well as an experienced and dedicated sales and management team," said Stow.

All support services associated with will be separated from XS, Inc.'s infrastructure and run separately and independently from XS, Inc. "Farmtrader has new offices being constructed in Cary, N.C., and plans to be completely installed in our new facilities by January 30. We're excited about our new beginnings," emphasized Stow.

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