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New biologicals boom in the seed treating industry

Biologicals are rapidly transforming the seed treating industry. So how do they work? Who uses them? And what affordable options are out there?

January 1, 2024

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New biologicals boom in the seed treating
Submitted by Unified Ag Solutions - UAS

For decades, the seed treatment industry has relied heavily on fungicide and insecticide products for crop protection and nutrition. However, a growing interest in natural solutions like biologicals and biostimulants is rapidly transforming the landscape of modern agriculture, particularly within the seed treatment sector.

What are biologicals and biostimulants?

Biologicals are living organisms, such as bacteria, fungi and microbes, that offer various benefits to plants. They can control pests and diseases, improve nutrient uptake and enhance soil health. Biostimulants, on the other hand, are substances of natural origin that stimulate plant growth and development without directly providing nutrients. This includes things like humic acid, seaweed extracts and amino acids.


Who uses biologicals, and what are the benefits?

Farmers and seed dealers across the globe are increasingly turning to biologicals and biostimulants to supplement their seed treatment needs.

This trend is driven by several factors, including:

  • Long-Term Soil Health

Traditional agricultural practices can deplete soil health and fertility over time. Biologicals, however, help build healthy soil ecosystems by promoting beneficial microbial activity, increasing organic matter, and improving nutrient cycling.

  • Improved Seed Quality

Biologicals can improve seed germination and seedling vigor, leading to a more uniform stand and higher yields. Additionally, they can coat seeds more effectively than some traditional chemicals, providing better protection against early-season threats.

  • Increased Yields

Biologicals and biostimulants can lead to significant yield improvements compared to traditional methods. For products like N-Gage Power and N-Gage Nitro from Unified Ag Solutions, several 2021-2023 trials showed bushel advantages in both soybeans and corn across the Midwest.

  • Economic Benefits

Research shows that biologicals and biostimulants can improve yields, reduce

input costs and increase overall profitability. These natural solutions can enhance nutrient uptake and utilization, and minimize reliance on expensive synthetic fertilizers.

  • Seamless Integration into Existing Treatment Plans

Biologicals integrate seamlessly into existing seed treatment plans, further promoting long-term pest and disease control through natural processes. This helps avoid the development of resistance and creates a more balanced ecosystem.


What are some affordable biological products on the market?

Specific examples of biologicals and biostimulants making waves in the seed treatment industry include:

1. N-GAGE Biologicals (from Unified Ag Solutions)

UAS offers 3 different biologicals within their N-Gage product line, including:

  • N-Gage Power (For increased crop emergence, plant vigor and uniform growth of the roots, leaves and stems.)

  • N-Gage Nitro (For enhanced nitrogen fixation and phosphorus solubilization.)

  • N-Gage Ultra (For enhanced phosphorous, zinc and iron solubilization.)

2. AmpliFYR®

This rhizosphere-stimulating biostimulant promotes beneficial microbial activity in the soil, enhancing nutrient availability and overall plant health.

3. Heads Up®

This company offers a range of biological seed treatments for various crops, providing effective control against pests and diseases.

4. PhycoTerra® ST

This biostimulant improves root development, nutrient uptake and stress tolerance, leading to stronger, healthier plants.

5. BioST VPH 100

This biological protects plants against early-season diseases, promoting better emergence and stand establishment.


A sustainable future for agriculture.

The emergence of biologicals and biostimulants represents a paradigm shift in the seed treatment industry. These natural solutions offer an effective and sustainable addition to typical seed treatment solutions—promising greater profitability and environmentally responsible agricultural practices.

As research and development continue, we can expect even more innovative biological and biostimulant products to emerge, paving the way for a brighter future for agriculture.

Want to learn more about biological seed treatment? Contact Unified Ag Solutions and let’s talk shop.



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