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How farm’s long-term vision impacts decisions now

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Defining the larger plan for your operation might be one of the most practical things for your farm – here’s why.

When it comes to the long-term vision, goals and plans for your farm operation, what are your thoughts about spending time on that? Some farmers feel that creating a long-term vision and plan for their operation is key to their success. Others might believe it’s a waste of time, while still others are somewhere in between.

Getting clear on a long-term vision for your operation might not be at the top of your to-do list – but it’s actually one of the most practical things you can do for your farm – and its future. Why? Three main reasons come to mind.

  1. All your plans and goals support the larger vision. When you take the time to consider the near-term future (say, five to ten years out) as well as the longer-term (including your hopes for your full farming career – and beyond), then you can create a vision that will encompass what you hope to achieve during that time period. Once the big vision has been created, then all the shorter-term plans and goals can be aligned to work together in a way that all contribute toward achieving that vision.
  2. Major decision-making gets a little easier. As you have major decisions to make – think high-dollar purchases, investments, personnel decisions, and so on – you can hold all those processes up to your bigger vision. Having that future view in mind will help in determining what type of decision will further those goals – or if a particular decision would actually do the opposite. This can be especially helpful when the stakes are high for the decision, there are multiple alternatives, or you’re not sure what to choose.
  3. All stakeholders in the operation can make a bigger difference. When others in the operation understand exactly what the vision is for the future, they can help move toward it in their everyday work – in the here and now. This is a major practical advantage for everyone – from seasonal, part-time employees to your spouse to your operations manager. Communicating a clear vision for the future – and the goals and plans that will be used to achieve it – is an important way to further engage your employees, family members and anyone else involved in your operation. People want to work with purpose – and on purpose – so their understanding of where the farm is headed can go a long way in achieving the farm’s goals more quickly and easily.

What are your 2022 marketing goals?

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