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Bayer CropScience offers non-Bt variety options

An existing EPA rule, which prohibits Bt cotton plantings — including varieties with Bollgard, Bollgard II and WideStrike technologies — will be strictly enforced in 10 northern Texas Panhandle counties in 2007.

For growers affected by this rule, Bayer CropScience offers a number of early maturing non-Bt FiberMax and AFD cotton varieties.

The Texas counties in the no-Bt zone include Carson, Hansford, Hutchinson, Moore, Roberts, Dallam, Hartley, Lipscombe, Ochiltree and Sherman.

FiberMax Cotton Seed varieties suited for the no-Bt zone counties include:

  • FM 958LL, an early maturing LibertyLink variety, has a compact plant type and large, storm-tolerant bolls that produce excellent fiber quality.

  • FM 960RR is a Roundup Ready variety well-adapted to shorter season production areas with high yield potential and good fiber quality. It has moderate early season growth and can respond to lower rates of plant growth regulators. FM 960RR may need plant regulator management in high moisture and late-plant situations.

  • FM 9058F features the Roundup Ready Flex technology paired with excellent yield potential and fiber quality. It has a slightly bushy plant type and large, storm-tolerant bolls.

  • FM 9060F performs well in narrow-row configurations and conventional row patterns. It exhibits early maturity and a compact plant type. The variety's fiber quality is very good, even under variable conditions.

AFD cotton seed varieties suited for no-Bt zone counties include:

  • AFD 5062LL is a very early maturing LibertyLink variety with a medium-short/compact plant with a large boll-type and excellent storm resistance.

  • AFD 3511RR is specifically suited to stripper-harvested areas of the Southwestern U.S., particularly northern counties of the High Plains and Kansas. This very early maturing Roundup Ready variety has a short plant type designed for very short growing seasons, dryland production and replant options.

  • AFD 5064F offers the opportunity to use the Roundup Ready Flex herbicide system in a variety well adapted to dryland production. Good performance has been shown in irrigated situations as well. This early maturing variety produces a short compact plant and excellent storm resistance.

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