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10 agriculture stories you should read today, Oct. 21

Jesse Small mdash a farming legend
<p> Jesse Small &mdash; a farming legend.</p>
Farmland 6 inches deep in oil. The legend of Jesse Small. Farmer&#39;s 8-inch miracle. Picking grapes on high. Pee in the reservoir. Champagne enforcers. Burn pit tragedy. Missiles for milk. And more.


1. Farmland 6 Inches Deep in Oil Crud

What did you find in your fields during harvest — a 20,000-barrel oil spill? Steve Jensen found oil crud on his land, but on top, not beneath. (Seattle Post)

2. 8-inch Miracle Saves Farmer

Eight inches separated life and death for Gregory Porter when he was run over and dragged along the entire length of a 26-foot-long cattle trailer. (Watertown Daily Times)

3. The Legend Rolls On — 89-year-old Jesse Small

Recipe for longevity: 13 hours each day in a combine during harvest and six days a week in a fishing boat during the off-season — standing up. (DFP)

4. Blizzard Stacks Up Cattle Carcasses

Five feet of snow and wicked winds have left the cattle industry reeling in South Dakota. (New York Times)

5. Picking Wine Grapes on High

Fear of heights? Then don’t apply for work at these wine estates. Check out the efforts of these wine grape pickers. (Daily Mail)


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6. Champagne Enforcers Chase 1,000 Cases Per Year

Touch not the Champagne name. A Californian spring water company is the latest draw Champagne wrath. (Decanter)

7. Pee in the Reservoir

How's this for water management? 8 million gallons of drinking water dumped after man pees in reservoir. (The Oregonian)

8. Burn Pit Tragedy Ends With Dementia Dismissal

Three people fell into farmer Phillip Whitney’s burn pits from 1996-2011 in a chain of tragedies compounded by neglect and dereliction. (Tri-City Herald)

9. How a Kid’s Cartoon Ruined Japanese Ag

Anybody remember Rascal the raccoon? He’s destroying Japanese agriculture. (Nautilus)

10. Missiles for Milk

How does a government pay its milk debt? With fighter jets and a submarine, of course. (The Guardian)


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