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Case IH offers planter upgrade, bigger applicator boom

Photos courtesy of Case IH ISO Planter Control allows operators using 2000 series Early Riser planter to view high-res as-applied planting in real time
PLANTER UPGRADE: The ISO Planter Control allows operators using the 2000 Series Early Riser planter to view high-resolution, as-applied planting in real time on any ISO-compatible monitor.
The 2000 Series Early Riser planter can be made ISO-compatible for mixed-fleet use; and a new boom boosts air applicator capacity.

These days, when a major equipment company announces a machine, it's as likely to be about software as hardware. Case IH recently did announce a software upgrade option for the 2000 Series Early Riser planter; but also released a new piece of higher-efficiency hardware, too.

The software upgrade to the planter series allows the machine to be more precisely controlled by non-Case IH-branded equipment. The ISO Planter Control will allow an ISOBUS standard controller to manage the planter regardless of brand.

The 2000 Series planter was launched in 2016 with proprietary control software that allows a user to manage the machine using a Case IH-made AFS (Advanced Farming Systems) display. Adding ISO control "opens the door for a huge offering of features for the grower," says David Brennan, Case IH planter marketing manager.

"This offers those customers with competing equipment control of their planter from a single monitor."

90-foot boom option for the FA 1030 air-boom applicator GOING BIGGER: The new 90-foot boom option for the FA 1030 air-boom applicator provides the widest boom configuration available.

Most late-model tractors have ISO-compatible monitors that will now interface with these planters once the software upgrade is installed. But, Brennan adds, there are "red-on-red" advantages for farmers with this upgrade, too.

With the AFS Pro 1200 monitor, launched three years ago on the AFS Connect Magnum, the ISO control upgrade provides enhanced operation. Operators can view as-applied planting data and grill-to-press-wheel graphics with the VisionPro operating system. Run screens can be configured to display coverage, varieties, planter ride, spacing and ground contact, and there are six customizable windows and split-screen capabilities. This allows operators to view the information most important to their operation.

Brennan says that operators can have a simple run screen they can customize to match their needs — and with ISO compatibility, they can "plug in to any ISOBUS tractor and go."

Brennan explains that the planter upgrade is as simple as having your Case IH dealer connect to the planter and enhance the onboard system. The cost would include the connect fee — like you see when a car dealership does a diagnostic — and the billable service time. He estimates the upgrade can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Enhanced spreader productivity

In the fall of 2020, Case IH launched the FA 1030 air boom applicator for use on the Titan 4540 floater model — and now offers customers the choice between three- and four-wheel configurations.

"The FA 1030 gave us a machine that had a wide variety of configurations in hoppers and products to carry," says Mark Burns, Case IH application equipment marketing manager.

There's a continued drive to greater productivity and a need for higher material throughput, Burns explains. The launch last August included a 72-foot boom. But to meet a growing demand for greater productivity, Case IH is launching a 90-foot boom option.

"This is a factory-installed option, and the user can pick whether they want the 90- or 72-foot boom," Burns says. "We'll start producing these in October."

He adds that the new system is more precise and offers half-boom control, allowing shut-off in either section. In addition, the operator has the ability to tweak deflectors to match product needs. "The calibration with these booms is as important as a self-propelled sprayer," he notes.

With the FA 1030, operators can select from a range of bin options including single-, double- and triple-bin configurations. This allows the unit to spread up to three products and up to 1,200 pounds per acre of total product at 10 mph for enhanced field efficiency.

If a buyer selects the three-bin option, Burns notes the buyer can vary the rate of all three products being applied. "There are a lot of micronutrients that go on at a lower volume," and the system allows more precise control, Burns says.

Learn more about the ISO Planter Control and the new 90-foot boom for the FA 1030 at


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