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Delphi FFA Turns Out Restored Tractors

Delphi FFA Turns Out Restored Tractors
Waiting list for restoring tractors keeps ag classes busy.

The chapter that brings the most tractors to the tractor drive every year is the Delphi FFA. This year they fielded five tractors in the Indiana FFA Tractor Drive. Money raised helps support the Indiana FFA Foundation. Indiana Prairie Farmer helps sponsor the event.

Most of the tractors that students bring are either tractors they have restored, or tractors someone else has had the ag department restore, and then lets the student drive in the Tractor Drive. Their tractors range from red to green in color, mostly tractors from the 1940s through 1960sw.

GOOD AS NEW: The Delphi FFA chapter has a reputation for restoring tractors. This machine led that tractor parade with a gray hood (see related story)

Doug Walker, an ag teacher and FFA advisor at Delphi, says that restoring tractors is becoming a major way to teach ag mechanics at their school. The goal is to restore four tractors per year. Right now, he says, they have a waiting list of tractors that people want them to restore to like-new condition. Once the tractors are restored, many are reserved for antique shows and tractor drives.

Walker brought a tractor his family bought that is waiting to be restore din the shop. It's a Farmall H, with a gray hood part way back. The tractor was used for many years in District V as the tractor for tractor troubleshooting contests, he says. In the contest, no longer held. The judges created simple problems on purpose in the tractor, and teams were to find the problems and get the tractor running. Today, there are ag mechanics and welding contests, plus small engines. But no longer tractor troubleshooting contests are held in FFA.

Walker hopes to tear down the H and put it in as good of condition as the other tractors that come out of their shop. Since it is still in running order, he brought it to the statewide drive this year.

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