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Cow Urine is Magical, I Googled It

Cow Urine is Magical, I Googled It
If you were asked to sell a bottle of cow urine what would you do?

Who knew that all these years I have had a magical substance just outside my door? Here I am raising cattle for meat when all along their urine is what some people think can cure almost anything from cancer to baldness, and whatever in between that ails you.

Cow urine might be better than any magical bean Jack ever had. Google it – it originated in Hindu cultures but is making its way around the world as a magical elixir. It even has its own Facebook Page, Cow Urine Treatment. That means it must be legit, right?

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I love cows…but I am pretty sure their urine isn't a cure all. Then again, while I am not willing to try it, who I am to judge others beliefs?

"The cow has been the center to the ethos of Indian culture since the millennium. Our ancestors were highly aware of the qualities of cow urine. In ancient times it was commonly used to prevent and cure diseases," according to the Cow Urine Treatment Facebook Page.

"Cow is a mobile dispensary. It is the treasure of medicines. The cow urine therapy is capable of curing several curable and incurable diseases."

Wow, it can cure both curable and incurable? Wait, how does one go about curing an incurable disease?

How do I know something like this exists? I have had friends offered money for urine from their cows, both beef and dairy. Yes, you read that right, two neighbors and close friends have actually been approached by different people to please sell them bottles of the stuff.

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I had another friend wonder if this might not be the cure for $3 corn; not to drink it but to sell it!

Now I am not sure what cow urine is worth but I won't lie and say I didn't consider it for a brief moment. However the idea of following a cow around to collect the inventory sounded a little closer to the splash zone than I prefer and how does one know what time of day a cow decides to go?

I also read that if a cow urinates in your house it will bring good luck. I wasn't feeling so lucky a couple of winters ago when we brought a sick calf into the kitchen and she peed everywhere.

The opinions of Jennifer Campbell are not necessarily those of Indiana Prairie Farmer or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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