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What were the top yielding soybean varieties in 2018?

HIGH YIELDING: Which soybean varieties stood out in this year’s MU Variety Testing plots? Click through the slideshow to see the ones that made the Top 10 list by region.
Slideshow: MU Variety Testing soybean show top yields of 70 bushel.

It was a delayed soybean harvest for the University of Missouri Variety Trial Program as plots finally came out of the fields in early November. And the long wait did not produce 90-bushel yields realized in 2017. Still, despite the weather problems across the state, some varieties topped yields of 70-bushels per acre.

Researchers were still harvesting soybeans at four locations across the state in November. Like many farmers across the state, these researchers had to wait on dry weather to get into the fields near Columbia, Norborne and Novelty to glean data. Plots were harvested at the last two weeks of October, with the final plot coming out Nov. 20.

In the central region, it was soybeans growing in Kyle Durham’s plot near Norborne that topped the MU trials. The Group 4 Hoegemeyer Hybrids HPT LL4344N topped the plot with the highest individual yield at 77.4 bushels. In Group 3 maturities, MorSoy 3708 RXT saw an average yield of 74.4 bushel. However, the top individual Group 3 variety at that location was also from Hoegemeyer Hybrids, HPT 3679 NX with a yield of 75.2 bushel.

In the north region, Bill Lloyd’s plot near Canton saw good individual Group 3 beans yields topping at 69.6 bushels with MorSoy 3907 RXT. However, the top average variety across the entire region, which included five plots, went to Hoegemeyer Hybrids HPT 3697 NX. It ranged from 43.8 bushels at the Albany location to 62.6 bushels in Canton. In the Group 4 maturity, MorSoy 4268 RXT was the top-yielding variety across the all the plot location with a 53.2-bushel average.

Soybean plots in the southern regions saw yields topping 72 bushel in Jason Bean’s plot near Peach Orchard. However, most of the plot yields hovered in the 50s and 60s.

The USDA Crop Production report estimated a 46-bushel-per-acre yield for soybeans in Missouri for 2018. That is down 3.5 bushels from 2017. The state planted area 5.85 million acres. Production was forecast at 266 million bushels, down 9%.

Take a look at the Top 10 yielding varieties from each region and soybean maturity group by clicking through the slideshow above.

Or visit the MU Variety Testing Program page for more information on each variety by region.

Farmers selecting a soybean variety for the farm consider multiple years of data. Soybean growers can access years of the MU Variety Testing Program data in the "Archive" section.

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