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Bestway's Swath Manager Automatic Boom Section Control System uses GPS signals from existing guidance devices to automatically control boom section valves.

Developed in conjuction with TeeJet Technologies, it can control up to six boom sections as a standard feature, and up to 16 with optional cables. Shutting off boom sections when entering previously applied field areas, the Swath Manager also turns boom sections on when entering unapplied areas of the field.

Swath Manager is compatible with current TeeJet 800 series spray controllers, Mid-Tech ARC and TASC controllers, Raven SCS series controllers and others. It works with most GPS receivers that have a minimum of 5 Hz update rate.

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The new self-propelled Spra-Coupe 7655 has improved front and rear suspension, including a new rigid front axle, flex-frame design and hydraulic cylinders. The flex-frame eliminates the need for a pivot point, along with excess roll. Changes to the suspension add to a smoother ride and eliminate front-end noise.

Standard hydraulic controls on the 7655 adjust tracking width from 88 to 120 in., and a new option will boost tracking by 32 in. Wheel spacing on optional wide-track axles offer adjustable wheel spacing from 120 to 152 in. The Spra-Coupe 7655 also offers new tire options, including a nearly 25-in.-wide rear tire for greater flotation and ground pressure below 8 lbs. A new front tire option on wheel-assist-equipped machines extends the spraying window in wet conditions when combined with the rear tire option.

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