Ag View Pitch: Taking stock

Chris Barron and Duane Lowry are looking back and forward on this week's edition of the Ag View Pitch podcast.

Chris Barron and Duane Lowry summarize where we are at and take a look at how we still have 2019 unknowns that can impact the price discovery process early in 2020. While markets have experienced some weakness during the past few weeks, the current marketing year high was established in October. Historically, it is most likely that we will have opportunities to market 2019 production at values above the October highs. With that as a teaser, Chris and Duane take a look at 2020 marketing opportunities as well. There are reasons to be optimistic and encouraged as we approach the Christmas season and a New Year. Stay engaged and let's search for the next opportunities and plan to navigate their pathways with success. Planning for success is the first step to achieving success and it is time for planning and engagement. Start that process with today's podcast!  

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