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From agroterrorism to water wars to Prop 37 to cottonmouths and farm murders — here are the Top 10 most read blogs/columns on for 2012 in descending order.

December 21, 2012

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<p> <strong>There are an estimated 71,000 acres of marijuana under cultivation each year in California. That represents 121 square miles or an area equivalent to the size of Sacramento.</strong></p>

From agroterrorism to water wars to Prop 37 to cottonmouths and farm murders — here are the Top 10 most read blogs/columns on for 2012 in descending order.

10. Farmers, lock up your daughters — Chris Bennett

In the latest sign that the apocalypse is upon us, “weed dating” is all the rage. In the thick of an eggplant patch or a fertile field of taters, the heart might be stirred; or at least the loins.

9. $500 salmon versus $10 trout — Harry Cline

Mountain trout restocking makes Shaver Lake a top destination for trophy trout. Comparing river salmon restoration to trout crafts a fishy story.

8. Death of the white African farmer — Chris Bennett

The white African died almost a year ago at age 78. Mike Campbell, a white farmer from Zimbabwe, was a man of conviction and vision — and he paid for it with his life.

7. Uphill fight waged to turn back Prop 37 — Harry Cline

Why in the name of common sense would a majority of California voters want to approve it? Because radicals have fomented anti-GMO sentiment that defies reason and science.

6. Cottonmouths, armadillos and leprosy — pick your poison — Chris Bennett

I was at one with nature, holding up a 15-pound armadillo — and I was shaking with tsunami ferocity. Absurd scene: me holding a live armadillo by the tail, while standing in my underwear and convulsing like I’d been tagged with a Taser gun.

5. Farm murders met with media silence — Chris Bennett

The circumstance and manner of death are numbing: farmers hacked and mutilated by machetes, dragged to death behind vehicles, stabbed with farm tools, shot execution style, and more — much more.

4. Prop 37 judgment day upon us — Harry Cline

Agriculture and the companies who are developing GMO crops have a huge hole to escape from. The anti-GMO crowd long ago commandeered newspapers and television, creating a totally unwarranted hysteria.

3. Proposition 37 defeat great victory for agriculture, truth — Harry Cline

California voters decisively rejected the mislabeled Proposition 37 “right to know” food labeling initiative by a huge margin — and it was an amazing come-from-behind victory.

2. Brash SJV congressman shifts California water wars — Harry Cline

A brash, young Central California congressman, U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes, is proving to be just as adept navigating the halls of Congress as he is at ruffling stoic partisan political feathers.

1. Domestic terror attack on cattle feeding operation chilling — Harry Cline

A terrorist attack on 14 cattle trucks and trailers near Coalinga, Calif., drew quick and unequivocal condemnation. However, there was not a peep from so-called “environmental/consumer watchdog” groups.

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