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Fake wines. Ag’s tech burden. Old McDonald was a lady. Stunning agriculture photos. Rabbits — new super meat? Beetle invasion. Agriculture = permits. Rubber aliens. And more.

Chris Bennett

June 18, 2013

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1. Amid China's Boom, Fake Wines Proliferate: Bruno Paumard, the cellar master at a vineyard in China, cannot stop laughing while describing a bottle of supposedly French wine a friend gave him two years ago. (New York Times)

2. Incredible ag photos: When 52-year-old photographer Franz Schumacher sees a storm brewing he does not run for cover with everyone else. (Daily Mail)

3. Agriculture's burden of technological intolerance: Despite a 9-billion passenger population train only 40 years from the station, agricultural innovation remains under the thumb of red tape and ideology.

4. Are Rabbits the New Super Meat?: By all appearances, rabbit could be the food of the future. California farmer Mark Pasternak and his wife Myriam can’t build rabbit barns fast enough to keep up with demand. (Modern Farmer)

5. Old McDonald Might Be A Lady: What explains why so many more women joined the farming sector between 1982 and 2007? (NPR)

6. Farmer Is Told He Can't Sell His Rocks Without a Permit: Taking rocks out of your field is part of farming. Just don’t try to sell them. (Valley News)

7. Invasion of the Beetles, and a Rancher’s Revenge: Four years ago, the trees on Larry Lipson’s property in western Montana began to die. Not just one or two, but 10,000 of them. The culprit was the mountain pine beetle, which has ravaged 23 million acres of forests in the U.S. since 2000.

8. A bitter harvest of opium: Taliban: terrorist zealots — and druglords too. (Newsweek)

9. Pistachio mess in Australia: Aussie pistachio farmers got a harvest of horrors.

10. Chinese farmer jailed for making a rubber alien: A Chinese farmer's rubber alien, stashed in a chest freezer in his garage, was rather unconvincing.  He was arrested for "fabrications" that "disturbed the public order.” Indeed.


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