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10 agriculture stories you should read today, Jan. 1310 agriculture stories you should read today, Jan. 13

Family, factory farmer. AK-47 ag loss. Cheese de-icer. Death of small producer. PETA drones. Golden hammer. Cheating on the donkey. Beachcombing for dead cows.

Chris Bennett

January 13, 2014

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1. Family Farmer, Factory Farmer

John Sponaugle has 36,000 turkeys in two housing units. “Sometimes folks come out here and build a house right next to a turkey house or whatever and start complaining because it smells. But they still want to eat. Somewhere along the line, people have to tolerate a little bit of something.” (Modern Farmer)

2. AK-47 Ag Loss

The most famous gun on the planet — or farm machinery? Mikhail Kalashnikov, creator of the AK-47, never really had a choice. (WFP)

3. Cheating on the Donkey

When your donkey meat doesn’t taste prime … it’s probably the old fox switcheroo again. (The Atlantic)

4. Cheese, the Great De-Icer

Mixing cheese brine with rock salt to thaw roads may just work. (New York Times)

5. Death of a Small Farm

Farms in Texas below 2,000 acres have been declining at a rate of 250,000 acres a year. From 1997 to 2007, Texas lost roughly 1.5 million acres of farmland and may lose another million by 2020. (The Texas Tribune)

Golden hammer, PETA drones

6. PETA’s Anti-Hunter Drones

At least one state has banned PETA’s planned “Hunter” drones — but PETA is not planning on grounding its fleet. (International Business Times)

7. USDA’s Golden Hammer?

Food stamp scams and SNAP’s black market. (Washington Times)

8. Searching for GMO Truth

Resisting GMO knee jerks in Hawaii. (New York Times)

9. Planet’s Most Expensive Fish Getting Cheaper … Slightly

A 507-pound Bluefin tuna just sold for $70,600 — and prices are down. (Businessweek)

10. Beachcombing for Dead Cows

Whodunnit? A dozen dead Holsteins wash up on the beach? (Associated Press)


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