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Versatile unveils its first track tractorVersatile unveils its first track tractor

Farm Industry News gave you a sneak peak of this new tractor from Versatile earlier this year. Now, it's been officially unveiled.

Jodie Wehrspann

June 24, 2013

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<p> Versatile DeltaTrack tracked tractor</p>

 Following several months of rumors, Canadian tractor manufacturer Versatile officially announced last week its entry in track tractor market with the launch of the new Versatile DeltaTrack. Farm Industry News gave you a sneak peek of the tractor back in March after receiving an anonymous tip that it would be coming this summer. The official unveil came this week at Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

"This is one of the most exciting products ever to come from Versatile," says Adam Reid, director of marketing, in an email to me today. "The market for tracks is growing, both domestically and globally, and the Versatile DeltaTrack is positioned to capitalize on that market.”

Versatile is now the fourth company to offer a high-hp tracked tractor in a market that has seen rapid growth in the last three years as more is learned about soil compaction and its effects on yield. That, coupled with muddy ground from wet weather, has made tracks a desired option to wheeled machines that can be more prone to getting stuck and weighing down the ground. (However, new tire technology has started to even that score.)

The company chose to go with a four-track system instead of two, the same path Case IH carved with its popular Quadtrac and Rowtrac tractors and which New Holland went with in 2011. Other companies, such as John Deere and AGCO Challenger use a two-track system.

Versatile worked with track-manufacturer Camoplast to design the DeltaTrack as a dedicated track machine instead of adding a track assembly to an existing platform. “The undercarriage was designed to be an integrated solution and not a kit addition,” Reid said in an email to me today. “And we've capitalized on Camomplast's knowledge and Versatile's experience to create a track unit that is durable and long-lasting with one of the most technologically advanced track systems in the industry."

Design features include:

  • Large, one-piece cast drive sprocket with drive-bar engagement for better torque transfer and extended life;

  • 8.5” drive lugs, the largest in the industry, to prevent track slippage;

  • Large idler wheels with an approach angle and gradual wrap angle designed to minimize track stress and improve performance in soft or wet field conditions.

  • Double-axis midrollers for better weight transfer, better ride over obstacles and reduced shock transfer to the frame, cab and operator

The new Versatile DeltaTrack comes in three horsepower sizes: 450, 500 and 550 hp. Power arrives at the track assembly through outboard planetary axles. This final drive system can be serviced without the removal of the track system.

Farmers have the option of two track widths: 30” and 36”. The tracks and undercarriage can be serviced from the field, reinforcing Versatile’s niche as being reliable, durable and easy to service and maintain, Reid says.

The Versatile DeltaTrack is available for early order now from Versatile dealers. Full production begins this fall.

Model numbers will feature a DT designation. The Versatile DeltaTrack 450DT with 30" tracks has a retail price of US $404,910, the 500DT starts at US $431,449 and the 550DT carries a retail price of $445,842. Upgrading to 36" tracks from 30" tracks carries a premium of approximately $15,000.

For more information on Versatile tractors visit www.versatile-ag.com.

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