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The top 3 guns every farmer should haveThe top 3 guns every farmer should have

As the Spring Turkey hunting season approaches and warm weather is imminent, now is a good time to discuss the best options for working guns on working farms.


Like most agricultural machinery, firearms are an incredibly useful tool for accomplishing a specific task. In fact, most guns are perfectly capable of performing more than one job, but this list covers all the bases of any working farm and then some.

1) Lever Action .22 Rifle


With cartridges starting at around $0.03 each, it can easily be stocked by the thousands without breaking the bank. Since the ammunition is so affordable and readily available there will rarely be a time when a .22 rifle is unable to perform its job because ammo can’t be found. .22 has virtually no recoil, so it’s also a great way to introduce newcomers to firearms. Dispatching small game and nuisance pests with a .22 lever action is very cost-effective and provides great training for hunting larger targets like predators and deer. In late 2017, Henry Repeating Arms shipped their one-millionth H001 Classic Lever Action .22 off the line, a testament to the exceptional value that it provides.

 2) 20 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun


A good 20 gauge shotgun is fantastic for hunting anything from game birds to turkey, and even deer when using slugs. A one-shot 20 gauge is lightweight, quick to handle, and a great fit for teaching new shotgunners because the recoil is significantly milder than it’s larger 12 gauge counterparts. It’s an exceptional hunting tool, and it can also fill the role of home protection. The simplicity of a quality single shot platform requires very little in the way of maintenance, which is a huge benefit when there is other work to be done. While this is a great option for pest control, it’s limited by its effective range, which is where the .22 rifle steps in.

3) Lever Action .223 Rifle
This incredibly popular and widespread cartridge is perhaps the best choice for keeping livestock safe from predators like coyotes. Much like the 20 gauge shotgun, .223 lies squarely in the camp of being just enough without being overkill. It can also reach out much further than your traditional lever action rifle calibers, and by combining this very capable cartridge with a lever action platform, fast follow-up shots are always at hand. Lighter bullet weights can be used to minimize pelt damage, and heavier bullet weights are extremely effective at penetrating when the shot placement isn’t perfect. Feral hogs, jackrabbits, coyotes, and prairie dogs are all well within the scope of this pest control machine.

Henry Repeating Arms offers a well-appointed, American made option for each of these 3 firearms, and perhaps best of all, they are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and award-winning customer service. To learn more and order a free catalog visit www.henryusa.com.

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