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An innovative solution for pivot tires is long over-due.

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Submitted by Evolution Wheel

Innovation in agriculture is constant. Manufacturers and farmers alike are always looking for new efficient and creative ways to solve the problems they are facing. Evolution Wheel is no different. They saw a huge problem in the center pivot tire market, a need for a tire that won’t go flat, wouldn’t cause ruts, and a tire that is durable. So, they decided to engineer a solution.


Entering the market in early 2022, Evolution Wheels EWRS-PIVOT series airless irrigation tires are uniquely designed to be the solution that farmers are looking for. Featuring a true-to-spec 14.9” x 24” concave profile that maximizes floatation and an aggressive bi-direction tread with specialized core geometry to maximize traction.

No Flat Tires

No flat tires are much more common these past few years in the irrigation industry. There are many different solutions on the market available now including steel, plastic, and solid rubber tires which all have a specific problem, they have no flexibility.

A tire should be able to flex (give) as pressure increases. This expands the ground contact area easing ground pressure and stress on the gearbox.

This is where the EWRS-PIVOT is different than other airless tires. It uses unique core geometry, which is engineered to compress under the weight of the system mimicking the compression of a pneumatic tire. They also compress completely flat allowing the core geometry to be self-cleaning as it will push out any material that gets into the core holes.

Another common issue with inflexible airless tires is that they lack traction. The EWRS-PIVOT’s compression has the added benefit of being able to wrap around obstacles where an inflexible tire will slip. The aggressive bi-directional tread along with the compression from the core geometry provides superior traction.



Rutting is a huge issue when it comes to center pivots. Tires travel the same path of wet soil every rotation digging down each pass-through creating deep ruts. These ruts can get so deep that they damage gearboxes, cause the center pivot system to get stuck, and cause flats.

Almost all pivot tires have a rounded convex profile that causes ruts. A convex profile will push dirt from directly underneath the tire out to the side, digging the rut deeper with every pass over. Combining the convex profile with a directional tread pattern that pushes material out to the side, creates the perfect recipe for ruts.

The EWRS-PIVOT addresses the rutting issue with the use of a concave profile. The diameter of the center of the tire is shorter than the edges. This will hold mud underneath the tire when traveling over the dirt instead of pushing it away, increasing floatation. The aggressive bi-directional tread pattern also provides traction without having the digging effect that a directional tread does.



Being a segmented tire allows for maintenance to be done on the tire easily. The EWRS-PIVOT is built with a high-strength steel rim that the quality rubber segments bolt onto. If a segment is damaged for any reason, then all you will need to do is remove the segment from the rim with a ¾” wrench and replace it with a new segment. Quick and easy serviceability to make your life easier.


Though the tire is designed to be serviceable when needed, it is also designed to last. The high-quality rubber has built-in UV protection to prevent rubber deterioration and the rims are made from high-strength steel allowing the tires to last much longer in the field than a premium pneumatic.

An innovative solution for pivot tires is long over-due. Whether you are looking for a resolution for deep rutting, flat tires, or a serviceable tire, Evolution Wheel has produced a tire that runs outside the status quo. For more information, visit


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