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Superior traction from Goodyear LSW® super single tires helps Alberta farmer Dennis Oullet seed his hills in both directions for the first time ever.

February 15, 2024

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LSW Tires: Alberta Farm's new king of the hill.
Submitted by Titan & Goodyear Farm Tires.

Dennis Ouellet had a problem. The window for seeding on his 10,000-acre family farm in northwest Alberta, Canada, was tight.

Making matters worse, in addition to wet, sandy soils, the Ouellet farm has hills so steep they could only be seeded in one direction: down.

After each pass, Dennis would work his way back up the hill and repeat the process. Neither dual tires nor quad tracks could make it up the hill while seeding.

"We're right along the Smoky River, with lots of hills. Traction is a big problem," Dennis commented. "We'd have to lift up, go up the hill, come down the hill and seed. So it would take ten, fifteen minutes more every time."

Then Dennis found a tire that could make it up the hill without losing traction: Goodyear Low Sidewall Technology® (LSW®) super single tires by Titan.

"For the first time ever, we've actually climbed the hill." Better yet, solving that problem solved other problems as well.


Reduced compaction, higher yields

"Our first LSW experience was on a sprayer we bought last year. After a couple of days running the LSW 800s through a crop, you don't even see where you've run. It's compaction, right? With the duals, you see the tracks in a wet year. You see it during seeding, you see it all year. Your yield loss each year is huge."

Carl McMahon, Fountain Tire Sales and Service Manager for Farm and Off Road, says LSW super singles are "the best possible way to get the least amount of compaction, the most traction, fuel economy and overall savings on the farm."


Saving time and cutting costs at harvest

Carl also noted that LSW super singles make things faster and simpler at harvest, when every minute counts. Dennis agreed.

"I wanted to get rid of my duals to go to singles, mainly to run the cart. They're just too wide and my grain cart is just too close to the truck."

Dennis figures his LSW-equipped tractor runs at almost half the cost of his quad-track tractor, and at that rate, "the tires pay for themselves."

"The quad-track's going to sit this fall, and I'm getting rid of my duals. We're done with duals on this farm, for sure."

Learn more about Goodyear LSW tires here.

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