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HORSCH Introduces RT18, RT22 Joker Models

Media release: The new Joker RT18 and RT22 include 20-inch notched blades that are mounted at a 17-degree angle for optimum soil engagement and residue/soil mixing.

April 4, 2018

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Editor’s Note: This company media release is unedited, for your information.

HORSCH, a global manufacturer of seeding, planting, tillage, and application equipment, has introduced two new models to its line of Joker RT high-speed discs: the RT18 and RT22. The RT18 has an 18-foot, 4-inch working width, and the RT22 has a 21-foot, 8-inch working width. Both models offer a drawbar hitch and three-section design for closely following ground contours, and they include a variety of other features that have made the Joker RT product line popular.

The new Joker RT18 and RT22 include 20-inch notched blades that are mounted at a 17-degree angle for optimum soil engagement and residue/soil mixing. Rubber torsion arms help protect the blades against damage from foreign objects, and oil-filled bearings provide long life with zero maintenance. Manual or electronic depth control is available for maintaining precise, consistent tillage depth throughout the field. Additionally, an integrated RollFlex finishing system optimizes soil consolidation and field finish to produce excellent planting conditions and promote rapid emergence of seed.

Benefits of the Joker RT include aggressive crop residue management through superior sizing and mixing of the soil and residue, as well as consolidation of the soil profile for accelerated residue decomposition. An ideal seedbed is also created by maintaining precise tillage depth, providing thorough soil tilth, and consolidating the soil. Other applications of the Joker RT include fertilizer/manure incorporation, pre-emergent herbicide incorporation, field conditioning, cover crop management and specialty crop applications. This multi-purpose tillage tool provides excellent performance in both primary and secondary tillage operations, and is a clever alternative to vertical tillage, field cultivators, soil finishers and tandem disc harrows.

At HORSCH, our goal is to provide the very best of German engineering combined with North American ingenuity to manufacture cutting edge tillage and seeding equipment right here in North America. Our motto is "Farming with Passion", we believe whatever your endeavor is, there must be passion. HORSCH is dedicated to being the most passionate agriculture manufacturing company providing solutions and tools for the most demanding cropping situations. For more information, contact HORSCH LLC, 200 Knutson Street, Mapleton, SD 58059; call 1-855-4HORSCH; email [email protected]; or visit

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