May 1, 2006

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TODAY'S HAY equipment requires tractor-driving skill, not back-breaking labor. These new mowers, balers and accumulators make hay work easy and efficient.

Mow hay and silage

The 3400 mower from Reese Agri features an 11-ft. 2-in. cutting width for topping and mowing hay and silage. Adjust topping or mowing height hydraulically to pre-established settings. The mower has a power requirement of 80 hp at 540 rpm and requires 900 psi minimum hydraulic pressure.

List price for the 3400 mower is $12,900. Contact Reese Agri USA, Dept. FIN, Box 128, Braymer, MO 64624, 800/432-4020, visit or, or circle 200.

Clean and gentle raking

ISCO Implement Sales Company offers the Enorossi Y Rake with a hydraulic adjustment and rear steering wheels to help provide a tighter turning radius. The new rake is available in an eight-wheel model with three extra wheels at the back (8+3) for $11,774. A 10-wheel model (10+3) has a list price of $12,294, and the 12-wheel (12+3) configuration lists for $12,410.

Contact ISCO Implement Sales Co., Dept. FIN, 2242 Koetter Dr., Clarkesville, IN 47129, 812/284-3376, visit, or circle 201.

High-density balers

The Kverneland Group developed its Vicon LB 8200 and LB 1220 balers for use with grass, hay and straw. The balers feature a new system that compresses the crop before transporting it into the bale chamber. An AutoForm performance monitor maximizes baling capacity with minimum operator input. AutoForm automatically controls the preset baling pressure. The AutoForm display shows hydraulic pressure level in the baling system, tension level in the machine and other information about the baling process.

Choose from single- or tandem-axle options and standard or flotation tires. Other available options include fixed or steered tandem axles with a range of low-ground-pressure tires.

Contact the Kverneland Group USA Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 251 B, Novelty, MO 63460, 660/739-4315, visit or, or circle 202.

Bale accumulator and 10-bale fork

The Hoelscher 1000 bale accumulator attaches directly to a small square baler at two hitch points and is towed behind the baler and powered by the tractor's hydraulic system.

As the baler pushes bales onto the accumulator, a pivoting arm automatically lifts two bales at a time and places them on the bed. When the accumulator is fully loaded with 10 bales, the bed automatically dumps. The bales slide off the back. A high dump angle assures the bales will slide off evenly, on the go, regardless of tractor speed. The bale “packages” are ready to be picked up with a 10-bale fork, which is mounted on the tractor loader. The 1000 bale accumulator lists for $9,450.

Hoelscher offers 10-bale fork models 100, 110, 200 and 210 for use with the 1000 bale accumulator. The 100 series is designed for 14- × 18-in. bales, and the 200 series is for 16- × 18-in. bales. Each series has two lengths available to match bale size. The fork will pick up the “packages” of 10 bales and move and stack the bales as high as the tractor loader will raise.

List prices are $2,750 for the model 100, $3,650 for the 110, $3,225 for the 200, and $3,850 for the 210.

The model 50 is a five-bale fork with a list price of $1,525. This smaller bale fork can be used on skid-steer or compact loaders.

Hoelscher also offers models 120, 150 and 180 bale forks for producers who have automatic bale wagons. The proper size fork will pick up a complete layer of 12, 15 or 18 bales from a stack that was built with a three-bale-wide stack wagon. This allows bales to be stacked in areas that are inaccessible to the wagon and stacked higher than otherwise possible. The model 120 lists for $3,725, the model 150 lists for $3,995, and the model 180 lists for $4,325.

Contact Hoelscher Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 195, Bushton, KS 67427, 620/562-3575, visit or, or circle 203.

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