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Gleaner harvests data with Console II

June 23, 2006

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Gleaner combines equipped with the new GTA Console II in-cab terminal are taking harvest operations and data harvest to a new level. The factory installed Console II is the operations control center for the new Fieldstar II Yield Monitoring and Machine Control system.

With its ability to display and record output from almost all combine sensors, the Console II offers unprecedented machine function and crop harvest monitoring. The SD (secure digital) card slot and GTA100 Communicator personal computer software make it easy to download data to a personal computer for in-depth analysis.

“The GTA Console II makes it easy for operators to fine tune their harvest operation,” says Kevin Bien, general marketing manager, Gleaner. “They can observe harvest and operating functions of the combine in real time on the color screen and make adjustments accordingly. Fuel consumption, engine temperature and oil pressure are as easy to monitor and record as geo-referenced grain yield and moisture.”

Key to system

The key to the new terminal's capability is the CANbus system that connects the Console II to every sensor on the combine able to output a signal, including the new Fieldstar II yield monitor with moisture and temperature sensors.

Using the touch screen, soft keys and rotary dial controls, the operator can quickly and easily select from a wide variety of screens to view combine functions and crop yield data. Geo-referenced field and machine data can be assigned to individual fields or farms as it is collected and stored on SD cards similar to those used in digital cameras.

“The multiple screen access points make it easy to control information being viewed on the screen, even in the roughest field conditions,” explains Wade Stewart, marketing operations manager, AGCO Global Technologies. “Touch screens are fast, but in rough conditions, they can be difficult to control. Using soft keys and/or the rotary dial provides another option to change views and make adjustments as needed.”

The large 10.4-in., 256 color display screen features automatic contrast control. Its daylight sensor ensures visibility remains constant day or night, and the display also adjusts to counter glare. Easy to recognize icons make it simple for the operator to navigate selections. Activating icons is as easy as a touch of the screen, pressing the soft key, or scrolling through options with the rotary dial and then pressing it in toward the screen. As new selections appear, touch selection or scrolling offers new options and settings, such as moisture limits for a given crop, which then can be selected and adjusted.

“If wheat is selected and moisture levels above 14 percent will result in dockage at the elevator, the operator can set an alarm to alert him should grain moisture approach or exceed 14 percent,” says Stewart. “At that point, the operator can use that information to decide to shut down, move to another field or continue at high moisture.”

Reams of data

Using the Console II, operators can track and log information on area covered, work rates, fuel consumption and other field and combine data. Selecting a job for a field or farm when first entered ensures that all data gathered on site will be assigned to that field or farm for later analysis. Data can be stored on any size SD card between a minimum 64mb and a maximum 1GB.

All 5 Series combines currently equipped with DataTouch terminals are easily upgraded. All plugs and wiring harness connects remain the same. The older terminal is removed, and a ball mount is installed on the backside of the console for mounting.

“The GTA Console II is one more way Gleaner combines get the most out of every field,” says Bien. “It helps the operator run the combine more effectively, maximizing yield harvest. It also gathers and records the information that will help him farm even more efficiently in the future.”

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