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• Equipment manufacturers will showcase their workhorse lines and introduce farmers to their latest advancements and what they can purchase now to get ready for next season and seasons to come at the upcoming Sunbelt Expo.  

Brad Haire, Executive Editor

October 10, 2013

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Combining cutting-edge technology with blunt-force power, the world’s top equipment manufacturers will once again roll onto the Sunbelt Ag Expo grounds this year, showcasing their workhorse lines and introducing farmers to their latest advancements and what they can purchase now to get ready for next season and seasons to come.

“It’s amazing how agricultural equipment companies continue to up the ante on what we can now do with modern farm equipment,” says Michael Chafin, Sunbelt Ag Expo farm manager.

 “And we’re proud that they choose to come here to showcase this equipment and let Sunbelt become the place where many farmers see this technology for the first time.”

John Deere

The John Deere W235 Windrower, new for 2014, is a self-propelled windrower with more horsepower to handle tough field conditions and comes with a larger cab for operator comfort, Integrated AutoTrac and CommandCenter display for improved operational efficiency.

“We’ve designed the W235 to maximize the operator’s ease of use and productivity,” says Jeremy Unruh, product line manager for John Deere Ottumwa Works.

“The CommandCenter display provides fingertip access to all controls that are critical in optimizing machine operation and performance, and Integrated AutoTrac provides steering assistance that enables faster cutting speeds while maintaining accuracy.”

The W235 Windrowers comes in two configurations, a rotary and a draper. The rotary will be compatible with 994 and 995 heads and the draper will be compatible with the 600D head. It’s got a 6.8L Final Tier 4 engine, rated at 235 horsepower, which is an increase of 17.5 percent over the previous model.

John Deere 2510L Liquid Fertilizer Applicator is designed for more precise liquid fertilizer placement into the soil. It is offered in two models, vertical or side-fold, and three base widths of 30-, 40- and 60-ft., each with 18 different spacing and row combinations. A high-capacity, hydraulically driven pump delivers fertilizer to plants through knives or injectors. It comes with a GreenStar Rate Controller enabling full integration with the GreenStar display for field documentation, map-based prescriptions, and precision application.

S-Series Combines

John Deere S-Series Combines are the most productive harvesting machines ever designed and built by John Deere. For 2014, new features will be offered to optimize performance and provide more comfort and control for the operator.

Because of a large footprint, the tracks allow reduced ground pressure and the ability to harvest in a variety of conditions. They are designed with a high-idler configuration for enhanced performance and easy changeability between tracks and tires.

The S-Series line-up includes new Interactive Combine Adjustment™ in base equipment which automates combine settings while harvesting on-the-go.  This simplifies overall operator adjustment and brings more consistency and accuracy when harvesting in varying field conditions.

The new Engine Speed Management system reduces overall cost of operation with increased fuel efficiency, especially at transport speeds. There is a new Dual Adjust Chaffer to provide an additional adjustment for improved grain tank cleanliness and an 8 Wing Feed Accelerator to improve material flow in tough harvest conditions for customers with the Variable Stream Rotor.

John Deere introduces Wireless Data Transfer which enables the wireless transmission of data between the GreenStar 3 2630 display,, and the producer’s farm management information system. This eliminates the need for manual transfer of data and will be available as a subscription upgrade to JDLink Ultimate with Remote Display Access.

Customers are able to access this data from their smart phones, tablets, computers, or any Internet-enabled device. They can then share that data and easily transfer information to 2630 Displays they are using in the field. John Deere has published a general principles document at to clarify security and data management details for dealers and customers.

To meet evolving application needs of customers and Final Tier 4 emissions requirements, John Deere introduces the R4030 and R4038 Self-Propelled Sprayers. These new, completely redesigned John Deere 4 Series Sprayers offer greater productivity, more uptime and reduced cost of operation.

The 800-gallon R4030 Sprayer replaces the 4730 model.  It features a 280 horsepower 6.8L PowerTech Plus PSS Final Tier 4 engine with a four-wheel hydrostatic drive that can operate up to 20 MPH in the field and 30 MPH in transport.

The 1,000-gallon R4038 Sprayer replaces the 4830 Sprayer. It features a 310 horsepower 9.0L PowerTech Plus PSS Final Tier 4 engine with a four-wheel hydrostatic drive that can operate up to 25 MPH in the field and 35 MPH in transport.

Both sprayers have redesigned flat-fold booms in widths up to 120 feet, improved weight distribution, the CommandView II cab with the fully integrated GreenStar 3 2630 display, and the latest in tire technologies.

The John Deere CommandView II cab offers a wider side door opening for easier access, integrated machine controls, and more glass for greater visibility. The chassis sits on the dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension that provides a smooth, stable ride at higher speeds, and auto air spring leveling keeps the chassis level at all times, including on uneven terrain and as the spray tank empties.

The R4030 and R4038 Sprayers come with Direct Injection Ready. This option provides the flexibility to change products between crops and manage chemical risk by allowing the operator to carry up to 135 gallons of up to two raw chemicals outside of the primary solution tank.

7R Series Tractor make-over

In the first make-over of its 7R Series Tractors since their introduction in 2011, John Deere rolls out five new 7R Tractor models from 210 to 290 engine horsepower. Along with a new engine that meets Final Tier 4 emissions requirements and the e23 Power Shift Transmission, the new 7R Tractors provide customers with more power, performance and greater comfort and control.

Powered by either a 6.8L or 9.0L PowerTech PSS engine with John Deere’s efficient selective catalytic reduction system, the new 7R Tractors boost 10 to 20 more horsepower and more torque than previous models.

All models use high-pressure common rail fuel system and series turbochargers that improve total fluid efficiency while effectively reducing emissions. Fuel capacities range from 125 to 143 gallons, depending on model and transmission options, with DEF storage capacity of 6.8 gallons.

 Transmission options on the new 7R Tractors include CommandQuad Eco, which is available on the 7210R and 7230R models, and the new e23 Power Shift Transmission with Efficiency Manager, standard on all five 7R models.

The new 7R Tractors have many features in common with their larger new 8R cousins, including the redesigned CommandARM with improved ergonomics and more intuitive control of major tractor functions such as throttle, AutoTrac resume button, transmission speed and direction, SCVs, PTO and hitch.

Depending on the model, the CommandARM comes with a 7-inch 4100 CommandCenter Display or a 10-inch 4600 CommandCenter Display. Both are AutoTrac capable and feature an easier-to-use operator interface. The CommandCenter Display puts machine operation information and control at the fingertips of the operator.

All 7R Series Tractors have the roomy CommandView III cab that is quieter due to a laminated front windshield that dampens outside noise. The cab features an operator’s seat that swivels 40-degrees right for easier viewing of rear implements.

The evolution of John Deere’s popular workhorse 8R Series Tractors continues in 2014 with the launch of six new wheel and three new track models, all with Final Tier 4 engines ranging in horsepower from 245 to 370. These new 2014 models integrate the latest technology to provide the utmost in power, comfort and performance for row-crop tractors in this class.

The new 8R/8RT Series Tractors feature a new CommandARM and a Generation 4 CommandCenter with 10-inch display, along with other cab improvements that enhance operator comfort and convenience. Additional new options include LED lights, larger wheels/tires, and increased hydraulic capabilities.

Starting with the PowerTech PSS 9.0L SCR engines that meet Final Tier 4 emissions regulations with outstanding fluid economy, the new 8R/8RT Tractors provide performance in the field. Both the wheel and track models have John Deere’s efficient selective catalytic reduction system, which builds upon the Interim Tier 4 DOC/DPF exhaust filter solution, says Jarrod McGinnis, division marketing manager for John Deere.

The new 8R Tractors are available with either 16-speed Power Shift or an IVT transmission. The 8345R, 8370R and all three track models feature the IVT as standard equipment. In addition, Group 49 rear tires are available on all wheel models, which improves traction, increases load-carrying capacity, and reduces soil compaction in the field because of a larger tire footprint.

Another important new feature that customers will see on the new 8R/8RT Tractors is a completely redesigned CommandARM with improved ergonomics and integration of intuitive controls for the major tractor functions such as AutoTrac resume, throttle, transmission, SCVs, PTO and hitch.

GreenStar software

The CommandARM comes with a 10-inch 4600 CommandCenter Display that swivels with the operator and can be equipped with GreenStar software such as AutoTrac. The 4600 CommandCenter Display has 800 x 600 DPI resolution, one USB port, four video inputs, and has 32 GB of memory.

The 8RT models provide a highly versatile track platform with configuration options capable of meeting a wide variety of operations and row spacings. These new track tractors are enhanced with the same engine, cab, control and technology features highlighted with the wheel models. Both the 8Rs and 8RTs come with JDLink and John Deere Farmsight capabilities for improved visibility to operational and machine data via Wireless Data Transfer and Remote Display Access.

Kelley Manufacturing Company

Kelley Manufacturing Company will showcase several new products at the 2013 Expo this year, including their patent-pending Cover Crop Roller, 6700 Series Rip-Strip, 6800 Series Ripper-Bedder, 6900 Series Subsoiler-Leveler, Resi-Till, and 6410 Litter Windrower.

KMC is dedicated to designing innovative tools with the farmer’s needs in mind that will improve the farming operation. When you buy a piece of KMC equipment, you are investing in an American crafted tool that’s backed by the best customer service around.

So stop by KMC’s booth at Block B-6 to view their new product showcase. Be sure to visit the field demonstrations to see many of these new products live in action. For additional information about KMC and their entire product line, visit


With 18 new models, Case IH is the first and only agricultural equipment manufacturer to use Selective Catalytic Reduction technology alone to meet strict Tier 4 B/Final emissions standards.

“Achieving the Tier 4 final standard was a colossal challenge, but Case IH has had fewer challenges than most because we determined early on that our patented SCR solution was the right choice and haven’t had to change direction,” says Kyle Russell, Case IH Senior Director of Marketing. “Since we got it right from the start, we’ve been able to meet the standard while still developing class-leading horsepower and efficiency in multiple equipment lines.”

The Case IH FPT SCR-only solution treats the exhaust flow downstream and after the combustion process from the engine, so the engine can generate maximum power without adding any complexity or compromising efficiency. There are no additional emissions systems or operational changes from Case IH Tier 4A to Tier 4 B/Final equipment. The Case IH Tier 4 B solution delivers 95 percent NOx conversion efficiency.

The next generation of Case IH FPT engines continues to offer the industry’s longest oil change intervals at 600 hours, minimal service requirements and more reliability thanks to lower exposure to soot and carbon in that is put back into the engine.

Case IH is a proven leader in SCR technology, with 35,000 engines with 17 million-plus operating hours in North America alone. Case IH FPT engines lead the industry in horsepower, efficiency and simplicity.

The new Case IH Steiger lineup now offers the highest horsepower tractor available with power growth to an incredible 682 horsepower that allows effortless operation with improved ergonomic controls.

This behemoth is part of the next generation of Steiger tractors, with significantly increased horsepower and upgraded features in the cab to help producers maximize their productivity. Available in Quadtrac and HD wheeled versions, the highest horsepower tractor ever produced places more power to the ground effectively with less total field compaction.

The new Magnum lineup tops off at a class-leading 380 horsepower, with 435 rated peak horsepower. In addition, a new Continuously Variable Transmission configuration for high-horsepower machines improves the machine’s mechanical efficiency to make the best use of available power.

Ranging from 150 to 240 horsepower, six new Case IH Tier 4 B Puma models are available with CVT or Powershift transmissions. Like the Tier 4 B Steiger and Magnum, cab controls have been updated, with a redesigned MultiControl handle with raised and ergonomically shaped, backlit buttons.

The updated cab features a headliner with air conditioning controls and three additional storage slots, electric and heated mirrors, a tinted rear windshield, and a storage net below the passenger seat. A Bluetooth radio option is also available.

Combine horsepower increased

Case IH Axial-Flow 140 series combines offer up to 410 horsepower — 60 more horsepower than previous models. Now available with eight halogen lights on the outside of the cab, these combines are also equipped with a new spreader option that allows the operator to adjust spread distance from the cab.

The chopper counter knife bank can also be adjusted from the cab, and the knife bank retracts when the combine is placed in emergency mode.

The new Case IH Patriot 3240 and 3340 sprayers offer more horsepower and new options for spray control. The new AIM Command PRO spray system provides individual nozzle control allowing nozzles to turn on and off individually, rather than by entire boom sections. This advanced spray technology minimizes overspray and overlaps, preventing over application and the resulting crop damage.

With the introduction of 26 new compact and utility tractors and 11 hay and forage tools over the last three years, Case IH has demonstrated its focus on meeting livestock and hay producers’ unique equipment needs.

To complete the updated lineup, Case IH is introducing the first windrower with factory-installed autoguidance, redesigned draper headers, disc mower conditioners designed to speed up dry down, and a durable round baler designed to minimize losses.

Here are the newest Case IH hay/forage and livestock lineup:

Redesigned Case IH WD3 series windrowers are the first in the industry to offer a factory-installed autoguidance system managed through the Case IH AFS Pro 700 control center to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue. Case IH engineers conducted dynamic stability testing on a road slalom course.

As a result, they adjusted the machine’s weight balance and developed caster wheels, set at a 9-degree angle. In addition, a dampening feature prevents oversteering, especially at high speeds. WD3 series windrowers can top out at 24 mph road speed.

Case IH DH3 series draper headers for windrowers help producers cover more acres faster and more efficiently with an all-new 40-foot header. A shallow, angled top section offers higher throughput capacity, crop feeding and crop flow.

A two-circuit hydraulic system offers more consistent flow and power across the header, so producers get more even crop feed, resulting in more consistent, well-formed windrows. Improved crop feeding is also assisted by an all-new, heavy-duty frame design with larger reel arms and increased strength.

Case IH DC3 series disc mower conditioners are designed to improve dry down for better hay quality and higher profits. A new cutterbar design with wide discs cuts closer and cleaner, getting more hay in windrows and leaving less hay in the field.

Larger-diameter discs improve crop flow and windrow consistency. They have lightweight, impact-resistant plastic access doors to simplify adjustments. New shielding minimizes the opportunity for material to build up as you create windrows. A simplified drive system helps to minimize horsepower consumption and maintenance needs.

RB565 Round Baler provides 20 percent more capacity than previous models. The new overshot feeder between the pick-up and bale chamber creates a quick and even feed of material into the bale chamber. The new roller windguard and five bar pick-up comb the crop off the ground for fast and even feeding. It features a total redesigned pick-up that has been strengthened from the inside out.



New enhancements

Some of the new enhancements include double spider gears, solid line bars, and rubber mounted teeth that provide five times the wear life of the previous generation teeth. It uses all-new premium belts available in a laced or endless design.

With the Case IH ISOBUS-compliant control system, you can now run the baler thorough the AFS Pro 700 display in your tractor, giving you a simple layout with the large touch screen monitor. Case IH has added several other new products to meet livestock producers’ unique needs, including Farmall® C, U and B CVT tractors, and the LB4 large square baler.

Performance and flexibility are keys for timely, high-quality application. That’s why the new Case IH Patriot® 3240 and 3340 sprayers offer more horsepower and new options for spray control. These exclusive spray technologies help operators better manage drift, control droplet size and ensure consistent coverage by controlling boom pressure independent of chassis speed.

The system also automatically compensates for turns, ensuring the accurate target rate is applied even while the inside corner of the boom is travelling at a much slower rate than the outside corner. AIM Command PRO accounts for how the boom travels and applies product at equal rates, regardless of speed.

The new Patriot 3240 and 3340 boast 6.7-L Case IH FPT Tier 4 B/Final-compliant engines with 250 hp and 285 hp, respectively. All Case IH high-horsepower engines use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-only emissions control technology without the complexity of an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve or Diesel Particulate Filter.

Case IH Agronomic Design is at work across the full line of Patriot sprayers. The cab-forward, rear-engine configuration provides balanced weight distribution and reduces compaction and rutting, allowing operators field access earlier than conventional designs.

Massey Ferguson

The all-new 1840 small square baler by Massey Ferguson replaces the current model 1839, another addition to the proven design of inline square balers. The stuffer fork has an increase throw inside the bale chamber. This allows the baler to grab more flakes of hay with each plunger stroke. 

The augers in the pickup head are now an upturn auger to match the current production 1837 and 1835 models of Massey Ferguson Inline Small Square Balers. Pair these two improvements with extended bale chamber optional knotter fan and increased twine storage, and you have a perfect machine for custom or commercial hay operations.

The all-new 4600 series tractors from 75-95 HP offer 12x12 power shuttle transmissions with NO serviceable exhaust filter. These tractors offer a value priced tractor in cab or platform, 4wd or 2wd configurations. The power plant in this tractor is a 3 cyl Agco power engine that produces a maximum torque at a mere 1850 rpms.  This equates tremendous fuel savings over the life of the tractor. These tractors are perfect for the Weekend Warrior to the hardworking cattle and hay operator.

 The 5600 series tractor is a premium machine for the operator that wants comfort, power and operator-friendly controls. This tractor offers an all new spacious cab and interior layout.  

The tractor is offered in 75-100 PTO horsepower with its industry leading Dyna-4 (16x16) transmission that is an innovation award winner for 2009.  Paired with a Massey Ferguson loader and the new slope nose design this tractor is perfect for cattle operations where feeding and spearing bales is important.   Add the optional front axle suspension and cab suspension and you are sure to have a ride that rivals the competition.

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