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Equipment Forum: AGCO RT Series more productive

May 25, 2006

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AGCO RT Series tractors equipped with the new 6.6 liter AGCO engine run quieter and use less fuel. The new engines also expand the power range available in the RT Series from 100 to 155 hp with the RT100A, RT120A, RT140A and RT155A (AGCO model numbers designate PTO horsepower output).

RT100A and RT120A also offer the option of the new Auto-6 transmission with six powershifts in four ranges of clutchless shifting, resulting in 24F and 24R speeds.

“AGCO engines are designed specifically for off-road use,” says Todd Stucke, general marketing manager, AGCO tractors. “This means we can design for maximum function, strength and durability, such as using a cast-iron block that would be weight prohibitive in many dual-use engine designs. On AGCO engines, it serves as a load-bearing portion of the tractor, permitting a narrower frame than is possible with other engines. This allows the RT Series a tighter turning radius, which is important when turning on row crop headlands or when maneuvering through a feedlot.”

The new engine runs quieter, thanks in part to its solid one-piece design, but also due to its lighter connecting rods that produce less vibration. At partial load and in cold weather, the new AGCO engines run even quieter due to the viscous fan drive that only kicks in under load and as engine temperature increases. The variable speed fan ensures optimum engine temperature, reduces fuel consumption and ensures easier startup, quicker warm up and overall improved efficiency. Cold starts are improved, and cold engines run smoother because of pre and post activation of the electric inlet air grid heater.

AGCO engines run cleaner and require less fuel, thanks in part to effective charge cooling, high efficiency injectors and a superior combustion chamber design. The turbocharged Tier II engine produces more power and torque with fewer emissions. The precise engineering specifications make it possible to extend the oil change interval to 500 hours, saving operator time and expense.

“Our AGCO engines are built for us by our AGCO-owned sister company SisuDiesel,” explains Stucke. “Their engines have earned a reputation for high quality, long life and innovative design and engineering with attention to the smallest detail. They are so proud of their work that every engine carries the signature of the person who built it.”

Stucke cites the fuel filtration system as an example of that fine detail. Fuel is filtered to five microns for cleaner and more complete combustion and longer lasting injection systems, and the filter housing is designed so filters can be changed without leaking fuel onto the ground or the hands.

“Throughout this engine, you see refinements in individual components, all of which contribute to manufacturing an outstanding engine,” says Stucke.

A major contributor to AGCO engine efficiency is Electronic Engine Management (EEM). It provides fast response to changing engine loads and allows the operator to set two custom engine speeds. An operator can throttle to engine rpm set speed at the push of a button or adjust speed in increments of 10 rpm. EEM provides more power, lower emissions and improved economy by continuously adjusting amount and timing of fuel injection.

All four new RT Series tractors are available with PowerMaxx CVT (continuously variable transmission) for maximum power and infinite travel speed selection. All controls are ergonomically placed for easy access. When PowerMaxx CVT RT tractors are also equipped with the optional front suspension, they provide up to 32 mph (50 kph) transport speed.

“AGCO PowerMaxx CVT transmissions are field-proven with thousands in use throughout the world,” says Stucke. “Owners are finding significant fuel savings as well as reduced fatigue and increased productivity with these transmissions.”

In addition to PowerMaxx CVT transmissions, RT100A and RT120A tractor models are available with the new Auto-6 transmission with 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. The Auto-6 offers operators a choice of six power shift ratios that can be shifted under load without clutching within four auto select ranges. Shifting between the four ranges is also clutchless. The left hand control lever on the steering column provides forward and reverse direction control and easy selection of the desired powershift ratio. The right hand, console mounted, power control lever lets the operator manually select powershift ratios or one of four gearbox ranges.

“Operators will find that Auto-6 lets them select the right combination of engine speed and ground speed for almost any operation,” says Ryan Schaefer, product marketing specialist, AGCO tractors. “It is a simple to operate, rugged and dependable transmission that shifts from the lowest speed to the highest smoothly and easily.”

Part of that ease is due to the rotary-dial controller. It provides over-speed protection with manual shifting or “speed matching” powershift selection after a manual range change. When an operator uses the dial to select Road or Field modes, automatic shifts up or down will be in response to both preset engine speed and load. In Field mode, the operator makes range selections manually, while the transmission changes the powershift ratio. In Road mode, powershift ratio and gear range are selected automatically.

The Auto-6 transmission allows the operator to pre-select forward and reverse starting gears. The operator also can adjust the shuttle clutch to provide more or less aggressive direction change. Even more gear options at slower speeds are available with the 4:1 creeper option.

“With six powershift ratios in each range, most field operations can be carried out in a single range,” says Schaefer. “Those powershift ratios also make it possible to achieve top speed with a given load at a lower RPM than is possible with most alternative transmissions, and that translates into fuel savings.”

RT140A and RT155A models also can be equipped with the AE50-Award-winning Auto-Quadrashift transmission with PowerControl. Operators have the convenience of a 4-speed powershift with the advantages of 8-speed synchromesh economy for a total of 32 forward and 32 reverse speed selections.

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