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Tillage and strip-till tools for ’24Tillage and strip-till tools for ’24

What’s New From the Shows: Farm Progress editors found these new tools at fall farm shows.

Farm Progress staff

October 27, 2023

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If you are a strip-till enthusiast, or if you have conventional tillage to do, check out the lineup of new tools editors found at fall farm shows. You just might find a tool in this lineup that convinces you it’s time to upgrade your machinery lineup. Companies continue to listen to farmers and turn out tools better suited to conditions you are likely to encounter today.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the tools included in the new tillage and strip till tool roundup:

Maschio Veloce cultivator. Maschio continues to introduce heavy-duty, well-built implements, and this one is no exception. It’s designed with large disks so that it can mix soil and crop residue. If you’re looking for a primary tillage tool, take a look.

Aguru strip till unit. The current model from Aguru, a relatively new player in the ag market, is designed to be productive but yet dependable. Aguru reps can help tweak this strip-till rig so that it best fits your field conditions and your goals in strip-till farming.

Relaunched Turbo Max. The VT110 Turbo Max machine from Great Plains is the newest, updated version of the original Turbo Max vertical-tillage implement introduced in the early days of vertical tillage. It features 22-inch blades, a spike harrow and an optional chopper reel to work through today’s heavier corn residue. It comes in widths from 20 to 40 feet to help you best match it to your tractor and size it to your operation.

GTS Tiller Bravus. GTS bills this as a three-in-one tillage tool. Set properly, it can shred, incorporate and level the ground, all in one smooth operation. Operated as a high-speed disk, it can run from seven to 13 mph. Check it out using the contact information provided.

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