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Drones and their trailers hit marketDrones and their trailers hit market

What’s New From the Shows: Spray drones are super-hot technology.

Farm Progress staff

October 20, 2023

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Unless you live in a cave or under a rock, you likely know that drones have captured the imagination of many farmers. What can be accomplished on the farm with a drone? And of all the possible uses, spraying pesticides, especially fungicides, with drones may be the hottest new technology of them all.

Since it’s a fairly new concept, several drones are relatively new to the market. Some were also surprised to see trailers designed exclusively to serve as supply trailers for these spray drones on exhibit lots at farm shows. Different companies are assembling turnkey trailers equipped with everything someone should need to go to the field and spray long hours with drones.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the products you will find in this lineup:

DJI Agras T40. This is a large drone developed with spraying in mind. The tank can hold 10 gallons, making it one of the larger options on the market.

XAG P100Pro. Check out the spray drone with the 13-gallon tank. Developers are even more excited about its hydrocooling battery dock, which decreases the chances of overheating. Batteries are rated to recharge in 11 minutes so you can get back to flying and applying product.

Top Notch Trailers. This drone supply trailer is designed as a literal command center for someone operating two or more drones and wanting to cover acreage not only efficiently, but also effectively. It even features access to the roof so you can land and launch drones from that surface.

Yarbo yard robot. This product isn’t a drone or drone trailer, but it is autonomous. It’s a three-in-one yard taming machine. Program it to mow, serve as a leaf blower or even function as an autonomous snowblower during the winter.

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