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Demon or angel seeds. Spies on the farm. Grease rustlers. The barest escape. Wild Horse Annie. Atrazine wars. Bloody boudin. Sci-fi farming.

Chris Bennett

February 10, 2014

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1. Demon or Angel Seeds

There is often nothing so bitter as a farmer vs. farmer dispute. A landmark court case involving GM contamination of organic crops has torn a farming community apart. (The Global Mail)

2. Spies in the Furrows

The quality of international espionage may have dropped several notches, but the implications of seed theft carry extreme consequence for the agriculture industry. (Vocativ)

3. Grease Rustlers

Biofuel bandits are making a fast buck by stealing cooking grease from restaurants and selling it for biofuel use. (Reuters)

4. The Barest Escape

Severely injured and trapped in the rollers of a potato harvester, Darren Taylor was holding on for life: "I had to stay awake to keep out of that machine. I was shouting, ‘You’re not going to pull me through.'” (WFP)

5. Wild Horse Annie

Is it time to cull an icon or let’em run? The Bureau of Land Management doesn’t know what to do with a massive herd of horses and donkeys. (Washington Post)

Bloody Boudin

6. How Ya Like Your Boudin?

Rice sausage mixed with a little fresh pig’s blood — or a whole lot, at the time-honored tradition of a Cajun boucherie. (Fair warning, pictures graphic … mucho crimson.) (Vice)

7. The Atrazine Wars

Here’s the New Yorker’s take on atrazine, Tyrone Hayes and Darnell the frog. (New Yorker)

8. Science’s Juice to Save Citrus’ Skin

A tangle of incurable citrus disease, neonics, GM oranges, and honey bees. (Forbes)

9. Ranching in the Blood

The American cattle industry is changing fast and the U.S. herd is seeing its lowest numbers since 1952. (New York Times)

10. Sci-Fi Farming

It’s a sci-fi, high-rise farming pipe dream … but at least it's fun to look at. (Tuvie)


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