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What’s New From the Shows: Take a look at these new offerings.

Farm Progress staff

January 5, 2024

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If you are in the market for a new truck, don’t sign on the dotted line until you see the latest in the truck lineup from Ram. Two new-style crew cab pickups offer lots of space, plus are loaded with amenities. If you are serious about using your pickup for more than just driving on the highway, you need to see what these Ram pickups offer.

The rest of this lineup is about accessories. Here is information about a couple of these truck-related items that grabbed editors’ attention. Check out the entire lineup offered here, and be sure to use the contact information provided to follow up and learn more about each product.

Bedrock beds. Do you wish your truck had a more versatile, durable bed? Check out the Bedrock bed from Texas-based Bedrock Truck Beds. Built solid and tough for hard, punishing work on the farm or livestock operation, this bed has features you won’t find with some other beds on the market, such as storage space for tools and small equipment in vertical drawers installed in the front corner. Tucked out of the way but easy to access, this extra storage area can be a real plus, especially if you are equipping the truck to go to the field to do repairs.

Decked drawer storage system. Bedrock Truck Beds isn’t the only company that realizes convenient, out-of-the way storage for those expensive hand tools and wrench sets is a must if you are going to successfully sell a truck bed farmers want to use. The LCL Truck Equipment system saves space with storage drawers in the bottom of the bed — storing tools out of sight of thieves. This system, like the Bedrock system, allows you to pack in more tools than it looks like you could on first glance at the truck bed. At the same time, you can still access these tools easily when you need them.

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