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Restored schoolhouse still heart of this town

HISTORIC BUILDING: A lot of reading, writing and arithmetic went on in this building, dating back more than a century ago.
Travel Indiana: Picturesque Ohio River photo brought resounding response.

Schools were the heart and soul of many small towns that are too small to even have elementary schools today. The school pictured here was restored and remains an important meeting place in this small town.

This building’s history includes several years of service as the volunteer fire department once it was no longer used as a school. It housed fire trucks instead of student desks during that period.

Now restored, it serves as a meeting place for community functions. More than 100 people can fit in this structure for a meal and meeting.

If you can identify both the town and county where this restored building is located, we will enter you in our monthly drawing for a $25 gift card. Email entries to [email protected], or mail: Indiana Prairie Farmer, P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131. If emailing, include your mailing address.

Hearty response
The picturesque view taken by Phil Anderson, Carmel, Ind., that ran on our website and in the December issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer drew dozens of responses from all over. Apparently, many people have stopped and enjoyed the view of the Ohio River near Leavenworth. This section of the river is also known as Horseshoe Bend.

Norma Hamble, Fairmount, Ind., says you can view this scene from the Overlook Restaurant located there. Leavenworth is in Crawford County, and according to the 2010 U.S. Census, 238 people live there.

Anderson took the photo during his quest to visit the more than 2,000 small towns and literally “spots in the road” with names that exist in Indiana.

Hamble’s entry was drawn as the winner. Since so many entered, we drew a second winner: Mike Dehoney, who lives near Fredericksburg, Ind. Anderson visited there, as well. It’s located on Indiana 150 in Washington County, population 85. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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