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1973 International 1466 tractor at an auction
RED CLASSIC: The tractor on the left, a 1973 International 1466, was a workhorse in its day. Both collectors and people who still want a sound, older tractor recognize this when one comes up for sale.

Old classic tractors still have value

Throwback Tech: Workhorses from days gone by still fetch a good price at auction.

Last week’s Throwback Tech reported that moldboard plows still have value to some people. This time, the point is that older tractors which turned out to be classics of their day also have retained value, even if they are in their working clothes.

Several older International tractors sold at the Kelsay Farms auction near Whiteland, Ind., earlier this spring. The 1973 International Farmall 1466 pictured — selling with three-point hitch, front weights and rear weights — was a hot-ticket item. Bidding was brisk, with bids coming from those at the auction and over the internet. The auctioneer finally knocked off the tractor at $7,250.

According to, International made the 1466 from 1971 through 1976. It was equipped with a 7.1-liter, six-cylinder diesel engine and tested at 145 hp — 12 hp more than claimed by the company.

The fuel tank held 42 gallons of diesel, and the hydraulic system required 22 gallons of hydraulic oil. In 1976, the tractor listed new at $23,600.

Next on the auction block that day was a rough 1980 Model 1086. An internet buyer paid $3,750. The 1086 was made from 1976 through 1981 and tested at 131 hp.

The tractor that drew the most interest at the Kelsay auction was another classic: a 1975 Model 1066 in very good condition. It sold for $9,000 to someone in the crowd. According to, the 1066 was built from 1971 through 1976, featuring a 6.8-liter, six-cylinder, diesel engine and testing at 126 hp. It sold new in 1976 for $21,100.

The 1066 and larger 1466 were stable mates, followed by the 86 Series. International later merged with Case to form Case IH in the mid-1980s.

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