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More than $1.4 billion in COVID-19 aid issuedMore than $1.4 billion in COVID-19 aid issued

USDA's latest update details spending through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

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June 9, 2020

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As of June 8, USDA has paid 80,261 producers $1.4 billion through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

The program provides financial assistance to producers who incurred a 5% or greater price decline due to COVID-19 or who had losses due to market supply chain disruptions.

Eligible commodities include:

  • Non-specialty: Malting barley, canola, corn, upland cotton, millet, oats, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, durum wheat, and hard red spring wheat

  • Wool

  • Livestock: cattle, hogs, and sheep (lambs and yearlings only)

  • Dairy

  • Specialty crops:

    • Apples, avocados, blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, kiwifruit, lemons, oranges, papaya, peaches, pears, raspberries, strawberries, tangerines, tomatoes, watermelons

    • Artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, sweet corn, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, dry onions, green onions, peppers, potatoes, rhubarb, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, taro

    • Almonds, pecans, walnuts

    • Other: Beans and mushrooms.

Program signup began May 26 and continues through Aug. 28.

In the first six days of the application period, FSA made $545 million in payments to more than 35,000 producers. The payments are updated weekly.

Here's some information gleaned from the June 8 data:

  • The top three states for non-specialty crop payments are Illinois at $60.6 million, Iowa at $52.5 million and Nebraska at $45.2 million.

  • The top three states for dairy payments are Wisconsin at $79.9 million, California at $44.3 million and New York at $38.3 million.

  • The top three states for specialty crop payments are Florida, $11.5 million, California, $5.9. million and New Mexico, $1.5 million.

  • The top three states for livestock payments are Kansas, $68.2 million, Oklahoma, $58.1 million, and South Dakota, $55.6 million.

  • Producers in Alaska, Delaware, Rhode Island and the Virgin Islands have not received any money yet.

  • There are no applications from Rhode Island producers thus far in any of the categories.

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Check out the charts and click on the download button below to view the report from USDA.




Source: USDA

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