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Farm Progress America, December 8, 2023

Mike Pearson takes a look at cultivated meat. What is it and what countries are coming around to the idea of a meat-type product made in a laboratory.

December 8, 2023

Mike Pearson tells listeners about the beginning of cultivated meat and where it stands in the world now.

Ten years ago, Netherlands scientists presented the first burger patty made in a laboratory.

Scientists had taken thin muscle strands from two beef cows and grew them in a laboratory until they had enough to make a patty.

The process took two years and cost $300,000. It was not likely to make it to the dollar menu.

However, technicians continued to work on the product and eventually laboratory created chicken made it to the marketplace after being approved by the USDA in June.

The USA was not the first country to approve the product for consumption. Singapore was actually the first country to approve it.

However, the European Union has not approved cultivated meat for human consumption.

In Italy, production was banned by leaders there. Livestock groups have spoken out to say that technology threatens the livelihood of countrymen there.

Now that is officially banned in Italy, the proposal but go on to the parliament of the European Union and it's expected to be a heated fight.

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