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Ceramic Spray Nozzles Offer Advantage of Longer WearCeramic Spray Nozzles Offer Advantage of Longer Wear

Spokespersons say nozzles are competitive on price but last much longer.

Tom Bechman

April 21, 2014

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MagnoJet ceramic spray nozzles gives you now another choice for what your spray nozzles are made from. S.I. Distributing, Spencerville, Ohio, introduces MagnoJet ceramic spray nozzles. Company spokesmen say the biggest advantage is that these tips can wear five to 15 times longer than steel or plastic nozzles.

That’s right- from five up to as much as 15 times longer simply because of the material used to make the nozzles. The other half of the equation is that S.I. can sell them at a competitive price to steel and plastic nozzles. These ceramic nozzles are made for them by a Brazilian company.

All nozzles are pre-orificed. The pre-orifice can be removed for easy cleaning.


MagnoJet nozzles come in a complete line of various types of nozzles from flat fans to air induction nozzles. If you’re concerned about drift the air induction nozzles may be your nozzles of choice, spokespersons say.

They also come in a full range of sizes. S.I. can provide information on how to select the best nozzle for the job based upon what you’re trying to accomplish with the spray application. Each type of nozzle is rated for how well it works in various situations, including when you’re spraying a contact herbicide, a pre-emerge product or a systemic herbicide.

The nozzles also conform to the color code used in the U.S. by other nozzle manufacturers. If you know the color code, you know what type of nozzle you’re getting, and what type of spray pattern you can expect. This information is included on the brochure distributed with MagnoJet ceramic nozzles.

To learn more visit: www.sidist.com, or call 800-368-7773 for more details.

Editorial reviews
Here’s what three Farm Progress editors, including the author, have to say about this product after studying the information provided.

Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer- Anything that lasts longer and increases time between replacements is worth a look. If the nozzles truly wear as long as the company says, an investment in them now would mean a whole lot less money spent on spray nozzles over the long haul.

Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer- Longer lasting nozzles will be a big plus. Some nozzle manufacturers say that spray tip wear is the most neglected component in farming today. Worn spray tips result in over application and an uneven spray pattern. That can add up to a lot of cash given the price of chemicals and the size of farms today. I’ve read that general plastic nozzles last two to three times longer than brass nozzles. Some new types of plastic last four to six times longer than brass. Stainless steel nozzles also last four to six times longer than steel ones. Ceramic nozzles last 20 to 50 times longer than brass nozzles.  

Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist- If you need to replace spray nozzles, ceramic is an option. In years past ceramic nozzles cost more than stainless steel. However, S.I. Distributing is finding that longer wear and new, competitive pricing makes them an ideal option for farmers. Magnojet offers up to 1,000 hours of use per nozzle. Another advantage is that Magnojet nozzles are pre-orificed, which can help reduce drift.

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Tom Bechman

Editor, Indiana Prairie Farm, Indiana Prairie Farmer

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