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Peterson Farms Seed’s sign in soybean field
NEW BEANS: Peterson Farms Seed’s new soybeans are displayed at a field day.

Peterson Farms Seeds adds 11 new soybean varieties

Peterson Farms Seed’s 2019 seed products include new LibertyLink GT27 soybean varieties.

Peterson Farms Seed adds 11 new soybean varieties. They include new LibertyLink GT27 soybean varieties. Here’s the company’s descriptions of some of the varieties:

• 19X03N Roundup Ready 2 Xtend — .03 maturity. This bean’s top-end iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance might be our new No. 1. Great new genetics, regardless of trait. Stands tall with lateral branches loaded with pods.

• 19B04 LibertyLink GT27 — .04 maturity. Our earliest LLGT27 variety. This new bean has shown great early season emergence and vigor. Good LLGT27 replacement for L04-16 and 13R03.

• 19B05 LibertyLink GT27 — .5 maturity. Nice bushy plant type. Good IDC tolerance. Excellent 2017 performance in our replicated trials. Strong vigor in spring of 2018.

• 19B07 LibertyLink GT27 — .9 maturity. First variety with LL trait and Rps3a for phytophthora field tolerance. Handled dry conditions well in our plots last year. Fits L07-16N or 15R07N acres. Matured later in 2018, Change to .9 maturity.

• 19X10N Roundup Ready 2 Xtend — 1.0 maturity. Proven to be an adaptable bean across our region. This bean’s top-end IDC tolerance is an advantage over 14R09N & 14R11N. Good phytophthora field tolerance.

• 19B11 LibertyLink GT27 — 1.1 maturity. Branchy bean that canopies quickly. Good IDC tolerance. This bean was proven as a 2017 yield leader.

• 19B14 LibertyLink GT27 — 1.4 maturity. Excellent IDC tolerance. Full SCN resistance. Nice bushy plant to cover the row. Good phythophthora field tolerance.

• 19B16 LibertyLink GT27 — 1.6 maturity. Nice package of soybean cyst nematode and phytophthora resistance. Moderate IDC rating, so watch placement on hot ground. Good companion to 19B18.

• 19X17N Roundup Ready 2 Xtend — 1.7 maturity. Great agronomic package of emergence, standability, and SCN resistance. The genetics show a moderate tolerance to white mold. The competition didn’t have a chance against this bean in our 2017 trials.

• 19B18 LibertyLink GT27 — 1.8 maturity. Great IDC, brown stem rot and full SCN ratings. Excellent standability and harvest notes from 2017. Go-to bean in the late 1.0s.

• 19B20 LibertyLink GT27 — 2.0 maturity. Yields with our above-2.0 maturity beans. A great replacement for L21-16N. Keep off of your IDC-prone soils.

Source: Peterson Farms Seed

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