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April 11, 2011

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This new mobile app features an easy-to-use South Dakota noxious weed guide. for the IPod, IPad and Android. It was developed by South Dakota State University AgBio Communications with Mike Moechning, SDSU Extension weed management specialist. Go to www.sdstate.edu/ps/extension/weed-mgmt/index.cfm.

Noxious weeds are non-native plant species that are a concern to South Dakota land owners and managers. They can seriously impact the native plant community by altering or affecting agriculture, recreation, and wildlife.

Statewide noxious weeds and the acres infested in 2009 include:

  • Canada thistle         1,573,555

  • Leafy spurge           314,497

  • Perennial sow thistle            119,894

  • Hoary cress            64,141

  • Salt cedar   3,152

  • Purple loosestrife    4,938

  • Russian knapweed  3,796

  • Biennial thistle (musk & plumeless)   274,954

  • Absinth wormwood  178,279

Several weeds have been designated locally noxious in one or more counties by the South Dakota Weed and Pest Commission. They include:

  • Absinth wormwood

  • Black henbane

  • Bull thistle

  • Chicory

  • Common burdock

  • Common mullein

  • Common tansy

  • Dalmatian toadflax

  • Diffuse knapweed

  • European common reed

  • Field bindweed

  • Giant knotweed

  • Houndstongue

  • Musk thistle

  • Plumeless thistle

  • Poison hemlock

  • Puncturevine

  • Scotch thistle

  • Spotted knapweed

  • St. Johnswort

  • Yellow toadflax

Statute requirements for control are the same as for statewide noxious weeds.

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