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The rabbit that once was a quail dies

Brad Haire brad-haire-farm-press-Reddy-rabbit.jpg
Reddy was a house rabbit — almost. He was young and chewed on everything, and sometimes did make it to the litter box to do some business.

Many know the funny story of our pet rabbit Reddy. Many people across the country, in fact. I've been at a conference or at a dinner thing, and someone who heard it before will say, "You got to hear the story about the rabbit."

I've enjoyed telling the story over the years, especially over a few, and especially when everyone has had more than a few. It gets embellished. If you don't mind, I'll give a brief version here:

My wife and I many years ago attended a Quail Unlimited thing. The entertainment that night was a magician. We were seated in front. I think we were the magician's guests. Anyway, you see where this is going.

His last act was bringing out a cage with a quail in it. Abracadabra, he removed the sheet, quail was gone and there was a tiny white rabbit with striking red eyes. The magician left the stage, walked to the table and handed the rabbit to the wife. I said, "Don't even think about it." She said, "Brandon would love this thing." So, we came home with a rabbit that used to be a quail.

That was about 11 years ago.

Bite of '09

Reddy was a house rabbit — almost. He was young and chewed on everything, and sometimes did make it to the litter box to do some business. One night, Brandon, our son, who was about 3 at the time, and I were finished with baths and seated restful in the recliner. All I had on my body was a t-shirt and thin sleeping shorts. Reddy liked to chew on things. The rabbit out of nowhere hopped up on my lap and nibbled down on my sensitive place through those thin shorts. I threw Brandon out of the chair and ran after the rabbit. I recall Teresa saying, "Don't kill it! Don't kill it!"

It became an outside rabbit after that.

Yogurt Treats

Reddy never complained. If he did, I couldn't tell. Took care of him every day. Kids loved him. He liked to be stroked between the ears and would run over a grizzly bear to get to a yogurt treat. Had him trained to come to me when I made a certain chirping sound, or when he thought I had yogurt treats.

Many things to talk about these days, certainly, but it isn't every day a rabbit that used to be a quail and once bit a many on his sensitive place and then lived 11 more years passes. Take it easy, Reddy, we enjoyed having you. You're a good rabbit.

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