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Finding answers requires discernment

Higher Ground: Enjoy this winter downtime and find answers to your spiritual questions.

January 12, 2024

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by Steve Brown

Living in snow country has a few challenges that require planning.

Preparing for firewood season begins as I head out in the words with the tracker and loader. Discernment is needed to find the limbs that aren’t rotten as we must negotiate over a few fallen branches. Then, the large limb with a damaged tree appears. I saw the limb up, load it onto the wagon and prepare to cut the rest of the tree down.

Cutting in the woods is less stressful than near buildings or power lines. As you prepare for what direction to drop the tree, realize that this should be left to professionals. It may seem easy until you pinch the saw blade, or when you hit the ground and the saw blade becomes dull.

Stopping to sharpen the saw can save you energy. Work smarter, not harder comes to mind. Whether you should cut large pieces or smaller pieces, that again calls for discernment. And you also need to think about how often you want to load the fire.

Knowing when you yourself are dull and in need of sharpening also takes discernment. These are questions to ask the Lord because he has the answers. Discernment is a gift that he freely gives to those who humble themselves and ask for understanding.

To stubbornly push through problems can produce results but not necessarily the best ones. Our pride wants us to gloat over accomplishments no matter the cost, feeding our lustful esteem. But time, energy and, maybe, resources could be wisely reallocated.

Here’s a suggestion: Spend time with God. Enjoy reading by that wood heat this winter, ask questions and seek answers. It’s all available in your Bible.

The Lord wants us to ask him questions. He wants a relationship with you.

Pray for this and enjoy peace, joy and love that only he can provide.

Brown is a Fellowship of Christian Farmers fieldman from Remsen, N.Y.

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