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Generation Now: There are many resources available for women in agriculture to connect and get motivation.

Shelby Watson-Hampton

February 29, 2024

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Pictured from left: Susan Watson-White, Rosa Watson, Sydney Thomas, Shelby Watson-Hampton, Katie Wright, Shirley Watson, Connie Garner and Beth Watson
WATSON FARM WOMEN: Three generations of Watson farm women have helped keep the family operation going. Pictured (from left) are Susan Watson-White, Rosa Watson, Sydney Thomas, Shelby Watson-Hampton, Katie Wright, Shirley Watson, Connie Garner and Beth Watson. Melissa Barrick Creative Co.

I feel like we need to take a moment to appreciate the incredible surge of resources that have blossomed onto the scene for farm and ranch women, and women in agriculture, over the past few years.

Women have always played a central role on the farm, but now we’re finally getting recognized for it. 

It's like a breath of fresh air, and I'm absolutely loving it. From podcasts to magazines to social media influencers, it's never been a better time to be a woman in agriculture, a female farmer or a rural entrepreneur.

Let's dive right into the heart of this revolution. Here are three ways female farmers are connecting and not only breaking the grass ceiling, but also shattering it:

1. Great podcasts. One of the main reasons I feel so connected and motivated is the amazing lineup of podcasts that have become my daily companions.

Shows such as "Discover Ag," "Cowgirls over Coffee," "Ag's Most Okayest Farm Girls," "Trailblaz*her," "Gather & Growth," "Family Farm Harmony," "The Rural Woman Podcast," "Reframing Rural," "FarmHer Talks" and "Farm House" have become my go-to podcasts for inspiration, advice and a good laugh.

Listening to these podcasts is like having a virtual coffee date with some of the most inspiring women in farming, ranching, career ag work, rural small business and more. From discussing the nitty-gritty of farm life to sharing personal stories of triumphs and challenges, these podcasts have created a sisterhood that transcends miles of farmland. It's like a support group where we can share our experiences, learn from each other and realize that we're not alone in this journey.

2. New publications. Speaking of trailblazers, have you checked out the magazine "Trailblaz*her"? It's a powerhouse of stories celebrating women who are forging their paths in agriculture. This magazine is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the grit and grace of female farmers.

Alongside it, new online magazines such as "The Gravel Road" and "Ambrook Research" have also joined the ranks, spotlighting the incredible contributions of women to the agricultural landscape. It's about time our stories are told, and these magazines are doing just that.

3. Social influencers. Now, let me give a shoutout to some incredible rural influencers who are making waves on social media. Courtenay DeHoff (@courtdehoff), Emily Reuschel (@Emily Reuschel), Tonya Snyder (@wildcarrotfarmstead) and Megan Hernandez (@PlumpandPunchy) are like virtual mentors, providing a daily dose of motivation and encouragement.

Their posts not only showcase the beauty of farm life, but also highlight the challenges and victories that come with it. It's a reminder that we are part of a thriving community, no matter how far apart our farms may be.

The power of representation cannot be overstated. Seeing women like Courtenay, Emily, Tonya and Megan succeeding in agriculture reassures me that the sky's the limit. They've created a space where authenticity is celebrated, and vulnerability is a strength. It's not just about being a farm girl; it's about embracing the multifaceted identity of being a modern rural woman.

These resources are more than just sources of information. They are lifelines for those of us navigating the rocky terrain of agriculture. They provide not only practical advice, but also a sense of belonging and a reminder that our voices matter. The realness and relatability of these podcasts, magazines and influencers make them invaluable companions on this journey.

As a millennial farm girl, I can't help but marvel at the progress we've made. The opportunities and support available today were unimaginable for the trailblazing women who came before us. We're not just breaking barriers; we're creating a foundation for the next generation of female farmers and rural entrepreneurs.

Watson-Hampton farms with her family on their fourth-generation family farm in Brandywine, Md.

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Shelby Watson-Hampton

Shelby Watson-Hampton is a farmer, rural writer, and agricultural advocate from Southern Maryland. 

Find her on Instagram @the_farmed_life.

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