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Syngenta gets EPA label for Talinor herbicide, a premix targeted at broadleaf weed control in wheat.

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December 9, 2016

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CLEAN WHEAT: A new herbicide premix from Syngenta, that includes two active ingredients, offers the promise to control difficult broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley.Willie Vogt

Tackling broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley is always a challenge, but there's a new product coming to market for 2017. Syngenta has received U.S. EPA registration for Talinor herbicide, which brings a new active ingredient to the cereals market. The herbicide is a premix of bromoxynil and the company's newest product, bicyclopyrone.

The bicyclopyrone component was introduced into the corn market as part of Acuron, a four-active-ingredient, three-mode-of-action herbicide premix introduced in 2015. Bicyclopyrone is a Group 27 herbicide with the same site of action as the company's mesotrione, which is a popular broadleaf control in the corn market. Bicyclopyrone is an HPPD inhibitor.

This is the first introduction of bicyclopyrone to the cereals market. In Talinor herbicide, bicyclopyrone provides two modes of action for standalone control of resistant and other difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds, including kochia and Russian thistle.

Don Porter, herbicide technical product lead, Syngenta, comments: "Talinor helps protect yield and profit potential while offering growers a new tool to help manage weed resistance."

Weed resistance is a growing concern across a range of crop types, and the key is to prevent resistance from showing up in your fields in the first place.

Adds Nathan Popiel, Syngenta agronomic service representative: "Once resistance has been confirmed, it can remain in the weed population for decades. If growers wait until herbicide resistance is confirmed in their field, the ability to manage their weeds may become more difficult."

Talinor can control weeds resistant to ALS inhibitors, synthetic auxin (including 2,4-D and MCPA) and glyphosate herbicides.

The product offers flexible crop rotation and has a wide application window. Talinor is also designed for tankmix flexibility and can be mixed with products including Axial-brand herbicides from Syngenta for one-pass grass and broadleaf control.

Syngenta reports that Talinor will work well for North Dakota, but also will be available to growers in the Northern Plains states, as well as the Pacific Northwest. State registrations for Talinor are still pending. You can learn more by visiting

Source: Syngenta


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