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BASF: TwinLine wheat fungicide

BASF is strengthening its wheat portfolio with TwinLine, a cereal fungicide powered by pyraclostrobin, the active ingredient in Headline fungicide and a unique triazole.

TwinLine complements a wheat fungicide portfolio that includes Charter fungicide seed treatment, Headline fungicide and Caramba fungicide.

“The BASF wheat fungicide portfolio gives growers the tools they need to help protect their crops from a variety of diseases and maximize yield,” said Amber Shirley, technical service specialist with BASF. “TwinLine delivers more benefits than any other cereal fungicide by providing broad-spectrum disease control with a wide application window.”

TwinLine is specifically designed to control aggressive wheat diseases, including stripe rust, with two modes of action and curative activity. Additionally, TwinLine controls multiple diseases in wheat, which results in plant health benefits, such as stronger stands, harvest efficiency, drought tolerance, optimum yield and minimal risk.

“TwinLine uses the same active ingredient as in Headline, which is the most researched fungicide on the market,” said Shirley. “As a pivotal component of the wheat fungicide portfolio, Headline helps to control diseases, achieve plant health and maximize yield potential.”

Field trials conducted throughout the United States during the 2008 season confirmed significant yield improvements with TwinLine, which out-performed competitors by 2 to 4 bushels per acre and increased yield by 10 bushels an acre when compared to untreated plots.

Labeled for barley, oats, rye, triticale and wheat, TwinLine is designed to be applied immediately after flag leaf emergence at a rate of seven to nine fluid ounces per acre with a maximum of two applications per season.

Charter fungicide seed treatment provides growers with leading-edge seed treatment technology to promote healthier seedlings that better withstand the diseases and stresses associated with less than optimum planting and growing conditions.

“To help maximize yield potential and protect their wheat crop from disease, growers should begin with Charter seed treatment to help control key diseases with early seed and seedling protection,” said Craig Lindholm, marketing manager, seed treatments at BASF U.S. Crop Protection Products.

“Following Charter, apply Headline and TwinLine to produce disease control and healthier, stronger wheat at harvest and finish with Caramba for control of late season foliar diseases and head scab suppression.”

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