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Thermadyne introduces new Thermal Arc 3-in-1 welding system

Thermadyne introduces new Thermal Arc 3-in-1 welding system

Thermal Arc, a Thermadyne arc welding brand, is launching the first in a series of 3-in-1 portable welding systems designed to take on MIG, Stick and TIG applications.

The Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i welding system is a portable device that delivers up to 180 amps of welding output power. The compact system weighs less than 33 lbs., which enables portability and the ability to transition quickly from job to job.

The Fabricator 181i is suited for farm use, as well as many other applications such as automotive, light fabrication, technical hobbies, DIY projects, maintenance repair and educational training.

This system has three welding process capabilities in one machine: MIG, stick and TIG. MIG (metal inert gas welding or GMAW) is most commonly used for industrial welding. Stick welding (shielded metal arc welding or SMAW) is a versatile, simple form of welding most often used in the maintenance and repair industries. TIG (tungsten inert gas welding) is often used for more detailed work to weld thin sections of metal and is a slightly more complex system.

The Fabricator 181i welding system with the accompanying Tweco Weldskill gun is priced at $999. The new Tweco gun is designed to accommodate nonindustrial users like farmers.

Additional features on the welding system include digital meters, variable voltage control, metal feed plate with quick change drive rolls and a receptacle for connecting remote control devices or a spool gun.

“This new technology and fully integrated approach with the 3-in-1 series delivers superior features and value for our customers while providing exceptional arc welding performance across all three welding processes,” says David Wilton, vice president of Welding Products.

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