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A pecan dream 20 years in the makingA pecan dream 20 years in the making

Missouri Northern Pecan Growers use MASBDA grants to build their business.

September 17, 2019

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GROWING BUSINESS: Missouri Northern Pecan Growers used grant funds to develop a marketing plan that adds value to their pecans. Brycia James/Getty Images

Joe Wilson and Wayne Harth started with a dream to do more with their farm’s pecan trees.

The owners of Missouri Northern Pecan Growers in Nevada, Mo., wanted to take their raw products, add value and turn them into profit. The dream stemmed from picking the family trees each year and later grew to custom picking. However, this was not enough for these pecan farmers. They wanted more.

In 1999, a group of pecan farmers came together and created Missouri Northern Pecan Growers LLC, which then used the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority Value-Added Grant Program to fund a feasibility study. This was the springboard the farmers used to find their future success.

MASBDA’s Value-Added Grant Program offers an inexpensive way to test an idea or create a business or marketing plan. The materials and information gathered during the studies are tools for farmers, producers and businesses to use to make educated decisions on whether to invest or hold off on business ventures.

PICKING PECANS: Joe Wilson, along with other pecan farmers, opened a processing and cleaning plant where producers clean and sell pecans themselves.

Growing a business

In 2001, Missouri Northern Pecan Growers received funding from the Value-Added Grant Program to complete a business and marketing plan. This led to the completion of a processing and cleaning plant where they cleaned and sold pecans themselves. The group also received funding in 2002 for an additional marketing grant to look at new markets and how to best market their products.

In 2003, they received funds from MASBDA for a feasibility study, as well as a marketing and business plan, to see if the business would do well under an organic method of farming. The idea was proven feasible, and they started selling processed organic pecans.

Finding success

The Missouri Northern Pecan Growers have looked at many different business structures and have done the research to set themselves up for success.

“Balance your capital with your marketing and production,” Wilson says. “All three need to grow together. If you overmarket and don’t have the production or don’t have the capital to meet the sales, then you will upset your suppliers. If any of those three get out of balance, it is going to create problems for you.”

The Missouri Northern Pecan Growers returned to MASBDA and applied for the Value-Added Farm-To-Table Grant Program in 2019. The program is used by producers and farmers who are selling or plan to sell products to schools and institutions in Missouri.

They were approved in January, and those funds will be used to build a commercial freezer as part of a community kitchen. Upon completion of the freezer, the Missouri Northern Pecan Growers will market and sell pecans to schools and institutions.

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