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massey-ferguson-8700 Willie Vogt
The new Massey Ferguson 8700 gets significantly updated tech for 2017 with a new touchscreen display that provides wireless data transfer, onscreen implement control, and more.

Raising the ante on tech

Agco launches updated Massey 8700; shows off interesting compatibility innovation.

These days it's all about the technology. Manufacturers who make big machines have fought their way through the emissions battles and each has come up with dependable systems offering plenty of power. Cabs are bigger and more comfortable, the chassis designs offer a range of features. Where to turn next?

For Agco, the Massey Ferguson 8700 unveiling during the National Farm Machinery Show may give you a hint. The base machine was launched last year, but this year the company is raising the stakes with a new Datatronic 5 Control Center Display the company says is fast and offers a more convenient approach to machine and implement control. "This is a touch screen system that allows you to manage the auto guide system, variable rate control and section control on machines," says Eric Zimmerman, tactical marketing manager, high horsepower tractors, Agco. "It also offers wireless data transfer that allows you to pull your AgCommand data off the tractor."

And customers can choose the receiver they want to work with - either a Novatel Smart 6-L or a Trimble AG-382 to best match their existing base station and coverage needs.

Zimmerman explains the new monitor has a significantly upgraded user interface, which makes it easier for users maximize the machine and the implements under its control. Agco has long supported the ISOBUS interface, and this display can manage those compatible machines.

The new 8700 also gets a few other upgrades including LED work lights; additional direct rear linkage controls; and an in-cab toolbox. There's even a lockable cap on the DEF tank.

A new 'sharing' tool

There are challenges out there, including the ability to get information from one brand to another. While the Ag Data Coalition, which includes Agco as a partner, is working on its "Dropbox-like" tool, there are other ways to move information from one system to another.

Tucked into the Agco booth was a Waylines tool. This is software that can import field boundaries and straight A/B lines from any system to export into an Agco controller. Developed in Germany, the demonstration in the National Farm Machinery Booth was impressive.

A user simply takes the data stick from their controller and loads the information into the Waylines software. The software easily pulls in field boundaries and existing straight A/B lines. The system will allow a user to get that information from a range of brands and pull it into a Fendt tractor.

Cody Light, strategic marketing manager, Fuse, explained that the Waylines Converter tool is close to market, and it will bring in the boundaries you need from a range of brands. "It brings in straight A/B lines at this time," he adds. "This way work done on one machine doesn't have to be duplicated on another."

Another benefit of the Waylines Converter is that your custom applicator could get your field boundaries more easily for accurate application. Once the information is downloaded into the tool, it can be exported too. The converter could be a big time saver when it comes to managing field boundaries and application.

Technology is moving fast in agriculture as companies seek to help provide solutions to challenges farmers face. Agco has new tools to help make a difference. Learn more at

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