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Beefs and Beliefs

Ideas for finding things on our website

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These tips can help you find things on the new websites for Beef Producer, BEEF, and all the other magazine sites from Penton/Informa.
Here are several tips for finding bloggers and content that interest you.

I’ve heard some grumblings lately (and understandably so), that readers can’t find things they want on our new web pages.

I hate to say it, but sometimes I can’t either. We’re still struggling with this massive changeover, but I’m hoping to give you some tips that will help you find things.

First, if you’re looking for the writings of one or our regular bloggers, such as yours truly, Walt Davis, R.P. “Doc” Cooke or Eric Fuchs, you have two quick options to scan their latest writings by chronological age. Go up near the top left and click “menu,” then start scrolling down through the list until you see the names of the blogs, which are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Animal Health Notebook – (Cooke)
  • Beefs and Beliefs – (Newport)
  • Connecting the Dots – (Fuchs)
  • Grazier’s Gazette – (Davis)

You can find this same list up in the gray band at the very top of the page and just right of center where you’ll see the word “more.”

The left column labeled “Recent” is usually the most recent stories uploaded, and the center column labeled “Top Stories” are the ones I would describe as getting a lot of play or selected as potentially high readership.

That top-right position on the page is normally a free report producers can request.

If you’re searching for something you remember seeing in the past, I’m honestly having the best luck searching using Google. I try to list the topic or part of the topic first, as best I can remember it. Then I may list the author, and commonly I’ll insert “Beef Producer” or “BEEF magazine” at the end of the description, if I think I’m remembering correctly where it ran.

For example if I wanted something ol’ Alan Newport had written about cover crops and profitability from grazing, I might search for “cover crops grazing profits Alan Newport Beef Producer”.

With that search on Google, here are three of the top examples I came up with:

This article in the June 2015 Beef Producer:{"page":8,"issue_id":258814}

This story in the January 2011 Beef Producer:

This very recent blog from me:

There are several more.

Generally, these same techniques can be used on the BEEF magazine website.

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