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Legends seeding photo
A photo taken above one of Trav Bratland’s cornfields. Bratland created the logo with a multi-hybrid planter, which planted two hybrids with different-colored leaves and tassels.

See the art in precision farming

Crop art demonstrates that variable-rate and product controllers are very, very good.

Need proof that variable-rate and variable-selection technology is spot on?

Check out an aerial view of a cornfield near Willow Lake, S.D.

That’s a picture of two pheasants taking flight from a cornfield embossed with the Legend Seeds logo. Trav Bratland, a farmer and a Legend Seeds dealer, created the crop art with a multi-hybrid corn planter.

Legend Seeds Information Technology System Manager Jason Davis used the program to create the prescription that resulted in the image in Bratland’s cornfield. Two hybrids were planted, one with dark green leaves and red tassels and another with light green leaves and yellow tassels, to visually demonstrate the accuracy of multi-hybrid planting. The corn was planted in 30-inch rows with a 24-row John Deere planter equipped with Precision Planting multi-hybrid meters.

The crop art is more than just a spectacle, says Josh Lamecker, Legend Sales agronomist.

It showcases the practical applications of a technology that enables farmers to maximize yield and increase profit margins.

“Multi-hybrid planting allows growers to plan offensive, or racehorse, hybrids for high-productivity soil and defensive, or workhorse, hybrids for low-productivity soil, enabling the most effective corn hybrid to be placed on each acre. As the precision and clarity of the images in Trav’s field demonstrates, our system is accurate almost down to the square foot.”

Legend Seeds offers multi-hybrid planting prescriptions through its Farmacology program. Farmacology is a collection of research, resources and tools aimed at helping dealers and growers achieve the most value for their seed investment, from choosing the right seed for their fields to providing support throughout the growing season.

The Legend Edge, a cloud-based Farmacology software tool, provides Legend Seeds’ dealers with the data and information to work side by side with customers and make agronomic decisions that will help them earn more money per acre, Lamecker says.

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